Marriage detail:

Where married:

St Wulfran, Ovingdean.

Conducted by: F W Anderson rector.

Type: Banns.


23 Dec 1899.

Husband details:

Name: William Murrell.

Husband's age: 32.

Husband Signed?: Signed.

Husband's Condition: Widower.

Husband's Abode: Ovingdean.

Husband's Occupation: Labourer.

Husband's Father: James Murrell.

Occupation of the husband's father: Labourer.

Wife details:

Name: Selina Dudeney.

Wife's age: 39.

Wife Signed?: Signed.

Wife's Condition: Spinster.

Wife's Abode: Ovingdean.

Wife's Occupation: Unknown or not given.

Wife's Father: John Dudeney.

Occupation of the wife's father: Labourer.


Witness 1: John Dudeney.

Witness 2: Amy Alice Dudeney.

Register details:

Page: 32.

Entry: 64.

Transcription details:

Transcribed by: Alex Voice.

Batch: Unknown.

Source: Ovingdean St Wulfran Marriage Registers.

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