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St WulfranWode13 Aug 1616Magnifying glass image
St WulfranHilton07 Mar 1633Magnifying glass image
St WulfranWraith13 Nov 1894Ada39307Magnifying glass image
St WulfranDudeney02 Feb 1893Ada Mary37295Magnifying glass image
St WulfranBrazier28 Mar 1855Albert18141Magnifying glass image
St WulfranScott21 Sep 1870Albert28219Magnifying glass image
St WulfranWestgate05 Feb 1877Albert31244Magnifying glass image
St WulfranStead10 Sep 1889Alfred36285Magnifying glass image
St WulfranDudeney29 Jan 1893Alven37294Magnifying glass image
St WulfranTournay17 Jan 1835Amey861Magnifying glass image
St WulfranPrice11 Apr 1894Angela Betty39305Magnifying glass image
St WulfranHerriott19 Sep 1784AnnMagnifying glass image
St WulfranGreenwood06 Jan 1798AnnMagnifying glass image
St WulfranCarroll22 Nov 1814Ann13Magnifying glass image
St WulfranPettingell23 May 1823Ann322Magnifying glass image
St WulfranColeman27 Oct 1824Ann425Magnifying glass image

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