St Anne, (Lewes, St Anne)




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Western Road/Church Lane, Lewes, East Sussex.

Grid reference: 540500, 109500, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


Church of England Clergy Database.


Earliest Register: 1679.


There is 1 baptism in the OPC database.

No baptism IGI batches known.


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No burial IGI batches known.


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Monumental inscriptions:

There are no monumental inscriptions in the OPC database.


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Building information:

Built: Unknown or not given.

Current use: Worship.

Harrison's description (1911):

ST. ANNE'S (restored in 1889) is chiefly Tr.-Nor., and has a fine basket-work Nor. font. Note: capitals of the pillars S. nave; the recessed tomb in the chancel; a brass (1681); stained window to M. A. Lower. The S. aisle has a vaulted chapel at E. end (compare Aldingbourne).


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