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Horsham - A History.


Susan Haines.

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Horsham has a long and rich history, with surviving written records dating back over a thousand years, but this book delves back even further into prehistoric times, to a period millions of years ago when the site of the town was near the edge of a floodplain, into which vast rivers flowed, and around which dinosaurs roamed.
The book covers a great breadth and depth of material, starting with the fascinating clues to the activities and culture of some of the earliest settlers, provided by artefacts, many discovered only recently, in and around Horsham. The author goes on to chronicle Horsham's rapid development as a market town and borough in medieval times, the turbulence of the Tudor and Stuart eras, and life in the Georgian period. Later chapters examine the impact of the railway on Horsham, and other Victorian changes. The challenges of the 20th century, with the trauma of two World Wars, the effects of the motor car, and the drastic expansion of the town in later decades, are also explored.
Numerous stunning illustrations, taken from original documents, pictures, photographs and maps, enhance the book with their detail, provoke evocative memories and bring the history of this ancient Wealden town, which is regarded so affectionately by so many of its residents, to life.
The author draws on a range of sources, including a study of documents taken from the Horsham Museum and Record Offices, and from private collections. These, together with oral recollections from residents, paint a vivid and comprehensive picture of Horsham's history. Some previously unpublished documentation is included, which, along with the engaging narrative, makes this book invaluable for anyone interested in, and fascinated by, Horsham's past.

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978 1 86077 332 7.

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Name: Phillimore & Co. Ltd.

Address: Shopwyke Manor Barn Chichester West Sussex England PO20 2BG.


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