Will detail

Will of John Fyltnesse of Rotherfield

Date signed: 19 Sep 1541, Probate date: Not given

In the name of God Amen ye xix daye of ye monyeth of September ye yere of o’r Lord God mvc xli I John Fyltnesse of the paryshe of Retherfyld in the cowntye of Sussex beynge in pfytt mynd & remembrans thay? be all mighty God make this my last Wyll & testeamet in forme folwyinge. First I bequeth my sowlle unto all myty God o’r blessyd lady & to all ye celestyall co’pany of hevyn. & my body to be buryyd in the chyrche yard of Retherfyld aforesayd. I bequeth unto ye hihe alter therfor my duty ether neglegently done or els omyttyd iid. I make Agnes my wyffe hole executryxe of this my last wyll & Edward Fyltnesse ov’sear of the same and I gyve to Agnes my wyffe all my movably goods as corn catell and stuffe wth all man’r of thynge or detts at this present tyme de... unto me & she so to have ye pfitt of all my lands tyll such tyme yt my children com’ suceessyth? to ye age of xxi yers allso I wyll yt she my wyffe shall geve unto Alyec & Agnes my dowters eche of ym v marks at ye daye of ther maryags & eche of ym to be ... eyer of ym. I wyll yt she allso shal bestowe upon my buryall xs at ye monyethe daye xxs & so yerely .... ye space of viii yers. I bequeth to my sone Thomas ii soyne & a half of land of strome ferlyinge beyett more or lesse wth .... uppon yt as ......... are knowyn of yt allso half a soyn of land of sand... ferlyinge beit more or lesse lyenge & joynynge to the land aforesayd as marks & bounds p... allso be knowyng & ... I wyll yt tht when he ... come to ye age of xxi yeres ... ... to my sone Wylyam ([I wyll allso yt ....] This has been struck out. DW) xxiis iiiid ... ye space of iii? yeres allso after ye same payment ............. payd to Wyllam. I wyll allso yt he .......... shall also paye to my sone George xxvis viiid ..........space of iii yeres. This id ye last Wyll of John Fylltnesse of Retherfyld made ye daye & yere above wryttyn in ye pse of Wylliam Sowll Ages? his? wyffe Sr Duston? Sayer curat ye ... sylense wth dyvers oy?

Transcribed by:

Dave Woolven.

Notes about this will:

The original is not in the best of condition (but after 450 years it is to be expected!) & has not photocopied all that well in places. I am told that that a ferling was a measure of land & a soyne is the payment on that land. DW



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