London Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 25 Feb 1733.

Issue: 7278.

Page: 4.



Person details:

Name: John Goldring.

Marital Status: Not given.


There is to be Sold, pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, before Francis Eld, Esq; , one of the Masters of the said Court, A small Leasehold Estate, lying in the Parish of Harting, in the County of Sussex, late the Estate of John Goldring, deceased, consisting of a House, Garden, Orchard, and some Closes of Land, being in the whole about Fourteen Acres, and now Lett with other Lands the said John Goldring by Lease, in which is about Nine Years to come. Particulars whereof may be had at the said Master's Chamber in Symond's Inn in Chancery-Lane, London.



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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