London Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 08 Apr 1890.

Issue: 26040.

Page: 2131.


Hadlow Down.

Person details:

Name: Charles Wren.

Marital Status: Not given.

Occupation: Builder.

Address: The New Inn, Hadlow Down.

Item: Orders Made on Applications for Discharge.


(late of 215, Seaside, Eastbourne) Court: Lewes and Eastbourne, No. : 3 of 1889, Date of Order: Mar 4 1890, Nature of Order Made: Discharge suspended for two years. Grounds named in Order for refusing an Absolute Order of Discharge: Bankrupt had omitted to keep such books of account as are usual and proper to be kept in the business carried on by him, and as sufficiently disclose his business transactions and financial position within the three years immediately preceding his bankruptcy; had continued to trade after knowing himself to be insolvent ; had contracted debts provable in the bankruptcy without having at the time of contracting them any reasonable or probable ground of expectation of being able to pay them ; had brought on his bankruptcy by rash and hazardous speculations; ; and had within three months preceding the date of the Receiving Order, when unable to pay his debts as they became due, given an undue preference to two of his creditors.



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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