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Will of Richard Hollybone of Hailsham

Date signed: 30 Jan 1590, Probate date: 05 Feb 1590

In the name of god Amen The Thirty Daye of January? Domino __90 in the nyne and Thirtith yeare of the Raygne of our Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth first great of? and sovern? of England France also? Ireland Defender of the fayth _____ I Richard Hollybone of the parrishe of Haylesham in the County of Sussex, yeoman being sicke and weake in body but of sound? and perfecte memorye thankes bee to god And __akinge? to remembrance the Certeynty of Death and if ____certyanty ___ ^the same Doe repease? and avoyde all manner ____ forever wills and Deptes had or moved by mee at any tyme before the Date geve of and Doe by th(eyre?) presences make my last will and Testament in manner and forme following First I give and bequeath my soule unto Almighty god by whose Death and passion I per(sently?) beleeve and frist__ to be saved And as Co_____ (commit?) my body even _____ will and free have? I give yt now Comending it to the earthe whereof it Came nothing Doubtinge but that according to the articles of our fayth at the greate Daye of the general resurrection when we shall appeare before the judgement gate of Christe & shall receave yt agayne by (the?) mighty power of god ______th he ys able _____due? Al things to him ______ Corruptable mortal weake and by the body _____yt is none but an _______rraptible? mortal strength ______fecte and in all poyntes like unto the gr_____s _____e of my lord and Saviour Christe Jesu And to _______ my worldly ________ and passion ___s I give and bequeath ______ __________ First to the poore people inhabiting w(i)th (in the parish?)of Hayton I give three shillings four pence ________ the pore people inhabitinge (within the?) parrishe _____ Hallsham six shillings (20 or 30?) pence and To ______ reparations of the said _______ of Haylsham shillings w(hi)ch sayd somee of money? _____ as _____ my will is that my ________ ___________ and payd w(i)th___ ______ _________ ___________ and to be distributyd at the ________ ________ to John Hollybone all my apparrell both linnen and woollen saving my best Doublett and one Cloake two ewee sheepe with two lames and bullocke or the _____ of _____ f___ shillings eight pence of lawful englishe for the same bullocke ____es choyse I give to Thomas ____et__m my best Doublett and to every one of his children I give and _____ I __ve I give to Robert? Hollybone one Cloake and Twenty shillings of good and lawfull money of England And to everyone of his children A lambe? and a ________ clothe as shall make her Daughter Joane A pettycoate I give to John Hollybone of the Parrishe of Bloyne A ewe and a lambe And to William his brother A ewe and A lamb And to Marye their sister A ewe and A lambe I give to John Hollybone my brother one Joyned? table and three wyned stooles standing in my Chamber ____ w(hi)ch? or with? _____ of _____ apparral sheepe and lambe and all these things given for ___ ______ aforesayd my will it that my Overseers shall be the same Debteres payed and Discharged presently after my Deathe as Conveniently ____ maye bee Done I give to Sara Hollybone my Daughter the some of forty poundes of good and lawfull money of England and the one halfe of my implements of howsholde and household chattles? w(hi)ch ys not given and bequeathed by this my last will and Testament to bee equally Devyded by my Overseers to bee payd and deliverd unto the sayd Sara Hollybone my Daughter at her full age of Twenty yeres or uppon the Day of her marriage yf shee happen to bee married before the sayd age of twenty yeares And yf shee happen to dye before her sayd age or marriage then the sayd some of Forty pounds of good and lawfull money of England and the sayd halfe parte of my implements of howsholde and howshold asse? so given? by mee as aforesayd shall remayne unto Robert my sonne Egw__? ____ Robert Hollybone my sonne A wyned bedsted A ______ar__ R_oyned? (round?) table two wyned stooles A ________ Doyre? settell? or benches w(hi)ch things are remayned and standinge at my howse in Hayton(Layton?) I give unto the sayd Robert Hollybone my sonne my howse holde or tenements aswell freeholde as Coppyholde to him and to his heyres for ever according to the _______ of ____ same to bee helde and kepte And _____ _____ my goods and cattells not given now bequeathed _______ and bequeathed unto the sayd Roberte my sonne __________ make my full and sole Executor seeing my ______ ______ _____es and _____ ______med and my s_____ __________ ______________ Robert Hollybone _______________________ before hee _______ to his lawfull(age of twenty??) and one yeares _______ all such ___st _____________________________ bequeathed unto _________________________ and in manner and forme ________________ shalbe and remayne unto Sara ollybone my Daughter and to her heyres for ever do see that these things maybee Done accordinge to this my laste will and Testament for that my sonne Robert Hollybone is younge of yeares and but A childe I make ordayne and Appoynte now? John Hollybone my brother and Robert Paynter thre pre_____ my Overseers and to have the ________ manage? government and bringinge upp of my children Robert and Sara And to bringe them upp in karing? tyll they come to theyre sayd lawful ages as aforesayd beinge allowed onto as my _____ for _______ ___ution and keeping of them And to ____ender a__o__pte and ___ accomptable with them at thr___ ___ full ages what things of myne are rec_____ _____ buryed?? or laydout and ____ such _____ accomp___ the rest remayninge unto Robert my sonne or Sara my Daughter as yt shall happen all thinges and charges Discharged and your expenses? __ apyine oute D__yldered charging you in the name of god as the ______ at the dradful Daye of D___ that yee ____ these? my requests? _onestly Dilligently and faythfully fullfilled And I bequeath to everye one of you I ___ them ______ ____ be___ ____onge my sheepe ____ to the _____ ______ you _____________ But that yt maye bee ____ token of my hartye? god will? rewardes? you And to the ___ende also that my Overseer maye bee payd and this my last will and Testamente according to the True intent and meaninge thereof performed I make _r_ayne ______ and ______ _to say virture ys this my last will and Testamente you as the sayd John Hollybone and Roberte Payntere ____ ___e and lawfull Deputy ___ and _____cy __in this behalfe aswell to Deliver such Legacyes gifts and bequeaths given by mee as aforesayd to performe the same effectually fo____ and pub________?? good cattell corne? have w__le howshold or implements as howsheld stuffe as I am possest of at the Daye of my Deathe and to oversee will governe pr____esse and e__oye until my sayd children come to age all my land and Tentiment aswell freeholde coppyshold whatrisever or there ____ _o__er they Two sett ___ymge and being and ____ to sett comodytytes and profits coming and growinge of age same _____ _______ _____ out of every pence and ________ theres to receve and _he forward of _____ same grounde for _ous payments to expell? put out and alieve and yt ys __ett to there at your pleasures and Discretion as all my land ____ setturc_y? in the ___ halfe to as__e__ levy? re______ rece___e and Demande suche some and some of money _________ ____ell _______________________________ are indebted unto mee by _____ _____ ___ or herwyse?

In Witnesses hereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the Daye Yeare forsee above Written the marke of Richrde Hollybone witnesses hereunto William Hay(wo)rthe?? John Hollybone and others the marke of John Hollybone

Probate 1590 5th day of February

Transcribed by:

Brenda Doyle.

Notes about this will:

Gaps are shown where the source was unreadable. The transcriber has attempted a reading where possible.



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