Will detail

Will of Alexander Foster of Friston

Date signed: 24 Jan 1560, Probate date: Not given

In the name of God Amen. the 24 daye of the monthe of Januarye in the yere of our Lord God 1590. I Alexander Foster, clarke, vicar of the Prishe of Friston being of whole mind & in good and pfect remembrance, laude and prayse be unto almighty god, make & ordeyne ... first I commende my soule unto almightie god my make and redeemer, my bodye to be buryd in the churchyard of Friston. I geive unto the poormans two shillings and to the reparacions of the same church three sillings more. Itm. I geive and Bequeath to Stephen Foster my eldest sonne one joyned bedstead with, the curtaynes therto belonginge. one bowe and a sheafe of arrows a scull, y old gowne, two freese coats, two dublatts, two paire of hose, two shyrts whereof one of them to be of the beast & the other of the worst, three shirt bands, my best hatt & a great pewyer bason. Itm. to Nicholas Foster my sonne a fether beadm a bolster of feathers a paire of pyllow beares , a paire of sheets neither of my best or my worstm but an indifferent paire, and also a cowres newe sheet, a platter, two pewter dishes, a sawcer, a porynger, a brason candlestick, a red coverlett, one of my best blanketts and also twenty shillings of money. Item. to William Foster my sonne my best flockebead and bolster, the beadsteadle and hanginge therunto belonging as it standeth in the chamber over the parlor, my best gownem a covlett of blacke and yellow wth. one of my best blanketts, a payer of indifferent sheets ... a joyned settle wch, standeth in the parler, two pewter dishes, one of my best plattersm a porynger, a sawcor, a candlesticke, a lytle table standinge now in the parler, a shirt etce Itm. to my daughter Elizabeth Chambers of Fockington, two kine, my big brass possnet, three trugge, a fyrkynem etc. Itm. to my daughter Susan Wynchfeld of Warbleton one cowe, my old cloke, two platters, a fyrkyne, a little bottle, etc. Itm. to my daughter Margerye my best covrlett, a paier of Flaxen sheets, my worse flockbead, a chaffead a trundle beadsteadle, a great cupboard, a cawdron with two ryngs, a great brasse pott, the biggest kettle, a lyttle stupnett, the little spit an andyeron, a drippinge pane, the biggest saltseller, a dozen of tyne spones, my biggest chest, two flower potts of pewter, a wollen whele, a lynnen wheele, etc. Itm, I give to my sonne Tymothye my biggest cawdron ... alyvery cupboard, a joyned stoole, a table in the haule and the forme, etc. to Edward Foster ... a brasen chafer. a chafinge dish. a chayer, three corner kerchers, etc.... these being wytnesses John Selwyn, Junior, Gent. Henrye Sherwyn & Gabrielle Alchyh of Eastdene.

Transcribed by:

Mark Collins.

Notes about this will:

This will was transcribed from the notes about Friston Parish Church, available in the church.

Alexander Foster was vicar of Friston 1560-1590.

A "scull" of iron is a defensive cap worn in military service.



This will also mentions these parishes:

East Dean, Folkington, Warbleton.

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