Will detail

Will of Robert Bracy of Friston

Date signed: 24 Sep 1545, Probate date: Not given

In the name of God Amen. The 24 day of September in the 37 yere of the reigne of or sovrant Lord Kyng Henry the viii, King of England ffrance etc. I sr Robert Bracy beying hole and pfect of rembrce although sykenes be in the body doo ordayn & make by last will and test. in forme foloyng. ffirst I bequeth my soule to almyghti god my maker & to all the celestyall copnay of hevyn & my body to be buryd whin the chauncell of ffryston & my worldly goods I bequeth as hereaftr folyth. first I will and bequeth ij semes of whete to be devyded amoge the poore people of Jevyngton. It. to the repacons of the church of ffryston Xs, It, to Vicar of Estdeyne XXs... The resydew I give to Sr Hen. Wyllerd whom I make my sole execut....wytness hereof Sr henry Strudwyke, Mr. John Selwyn Edmond Tyndall with other moo. Sm. Inv. £58-14-4

Transcribed by:

Mark Collins.

Notes about this will:

This will was transcribed from the notes about Friston Parish Church, available in the church.

Robert Bracy was vicar of Friston 1526-1545; he had previously been curate of Westham.

Henry Strudwick was vicar of East Dean. The title "Sir", a translation of dominus, was often given to clerks in Holy Orders.

The measure of a seme was eight bushells.



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