1841 Census for Fittleworth - Person Detail

Enumeration District details:

Number: 5 (part of).

Code: HO 107/1091/4.

Description: All that part of the Parish of Fittleworth which lies to the south of the Turnpike Road from Petworth to Pulborough.

Enumerator: George Hawkins.

Sub. District: Sutton.

Registration district: Chichester.

Property details:

Address: Lower Street.

Type: Inhabited.

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Household details:

Schedule: [11] ~ Walbutt.

Head of household: Not known - relationships not specified in 1841 census.

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Document details:

Folio: 18.

Page: 1.

Row: 24.

Person details:

Name: Walbutt, Fanny Mary.

Occupation: Unknown or not given.

Age: 30.

Gender: Female.

Marital status: Not given.

Relationship to head: Not given.

Born In County?: No.

Birth parish: Unknown.

Birth county: Unknown.

Birth country: Unknown.

Transcription details:

Transcribed by: John Morrison.

Batch: CEN_Fittleworth_1841-1091-Fittleworth-5.csv.

Source: 1841 Census Fittleworth Transcription.

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