London Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 04 Feb 1748.

Issue: 8821.

Page: 2.



Person details:

Name: Richard Hawkins.

Marital Status: Not given.

Occupation: Labourer.


Whitehall, Jan. 31, 1748-9. Whereas it bas been represented to the King That Richard Hawkins, late of Yapton in the County of Sussex, Labourer, being, some Time in the Month of January last, at Work in a Barn near the said Parish, was forcibly taken from thence by Jeremiah Curtis, alias Butler, late of Hawkhurst in the County of Kent, and John Mills, alias Smoaker, of Trotton in the County of Sussex, Labourer, and was by them carried into a Back Room in the Dog and Partridge Alehouse on Slinden Common; where Thomas Winter alias Coachman, alias Kentish Coachman, of Posling near Hythe, in the County of Kent, Farmer ; and a Person called Rob, otherwise Little Fat Back, Servant to Jere. Curtits which said Rob lives at or near East Grinstead, and is Brother to a Person living there, known by the Name of the Cackler, were waiting for them ; In which Room they detained the said Richard Hawkins till about Twelve o’Clock, at night, when the said Jeremiah Curtis, John Mills, Rob, and Thomas Winter went away, and took with them the said Richard Hawkins ; who was not afterwards seen or heard of till his Body was found in a Pond in Parham Park, in the said County of Sussex. That the Coroner’s Inquest having sat upon the said Body, found it to be the Body of the said Richard Hawkins, and brought in their verdict, Wilful Murder by Persons Unknown. And whereas at a Special Commission of Oyer and Terminer and Goal Delivery for the County of Sussex, held at Chichester on Monday the 16th Day of January last, a Bill of Indictment was found by the Grand Jury of the said County, against Samuel Downer, alias Samuel Heward, alias Little Sam, of Rowlands Castle in the County of Hants, Labourer, Edmund Richards, of Long Coppice, in the Parish of Warblington, in the said County, Labourer, and Henry Sheerman, alias Little Harry, of Lye near Warblington aforesaid, Labourer, for the Murder of one William Gally ; and also another Bill of Indictment was then and there found against Thomas Stringer, late of the City of Chichester, Cordwainer, and Daniel Perryer, alias Little Daniel, late of Norton in Sussex, Labourer, for the Murder of Daniel Chater ; and also against John Mills, late of Trotton in the County of Sussex, Labourer, and Thomas Willis, commonly called the Coachman, of Selbourne near Lipbook in the County of Hants, Labourer, as Accessories before the Fact ; to which Indictment they nor any of them have yet appeared to be tried for the said Murders ; His Majesty, for the better apprehending and bringing to Justice the said Curtis, Mills, Robb, Downer, Richards, Sheerman, Stringer, Perryer, and Willis, as well as for discouraging such horrid and barbarous Outrages, is pleased to promise his most gracious Pardon to any Person who shall apprehend, or, by giving Information, shall Cause to be apprehended, so as he or they he convicted thereof, any one on more of the said Offenders, notwithstanding the Person making such Discovery stall now stand Outlawed for not having surrendered himself to Justice, pursuant to Notice given in the London Gazette ; provided that such Person shall not appear to have been concerned in the abovesaid Murder, or any other Murder, or to have been concerned in the Breaking open his Majesty’s Warehouse at Poole. HOLLES NEWCASTLE.



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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