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Will of Mary Hilder of Etchingham

Date signed: 23 Mar 1838, Probate date: 22 Dec 1838

This is the last Will and Testament of me Mary Hilder of Etchingham in the County of Sussex Widow made this twenty third day of March One thousand Eight hundred and thirty eight I direct my just debts funeral testamentary and incidental expences to be first paid Also I give and bequeath unto and equally between all and every of my Children All my Household Goods Implements of Household Plate China ffurniture and Linen (except my Wearing Apparel) Also I give and bequeath unto and equally between all and every of my daughters All my Wearing Apparel Watch Trinkets and Jewels Also I give and bequeath unto Robert Willsher the Younger of Etchingham aforesaid ffarmer and my brother James Noakes of Burwash in the said County ffarmer their Executors and Admors All my ready monies and Securities for money money in the Public Stocks or funds Goods Chattels Debts effects and Residue of my Personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever not hereinbefore disposed of Upon trust to sell call in collect and receive the same And upon further trust to divide the monies arising unto and equally between all and every of my children and to pay the same to them when and as they shall severally and respectively attain the age of twenty one years and in the mean time to put and place and lay out and invest each Child’s share at Interest on Real or Government Securities in the names of them the said Robert Willsher the Younger and James Noakes or the Survivor of them or the Exors and Admors of such Survivor and to call in the same or any part thereof and reinvest the same upon securities of a like nature And from time to time to invest the Interest Dividends and Annual Proceeds thereof in like manner to accumulate until such child shall attain the age of twenty one years and when and as each child shall attain the said age of twenty one years attain the age of twenty one years then to pay unto him or her his or her share or respective shares of and in such trust monies together with the Interest and Dividends accumulated thereon Provided always And my Will is and I direct that if any or either of my children shall happen to die and depart this life either in my lifetime or after my decease and before his or her share of and in the said Trust Monies shall become payable without leaving Issue of his her or their body or respective bodies then and in such case that the share or shares of him her or them so dying without issue as well original as accruing shall go and be paid to the Survivors or Survivor others or other of them in the proportions and manner aforesaid and to whom I bequeath the same accordingly and my Will further is that the trustees and Executors of this my Will shall not be chargeable with any more monies than they shall respectively actually receive nor with any involuntary loss nor the one for the other of them And also that it shall be lawful for the Exors and trustees of this my Will to deduct and reimburse themselves and to allow to each other out of the said trust monies all losses costs charges damages and Expences which they shall respectively bear pay sustain expend or be put unto in acting as Exors and Trustees of this my Will and Guardians of such of my children as shall not have attained their majority at the time of my decease together with a reasonable allowance for their trouble and loss of time in and about the same And I do hereby appoint the said Robert Willsher the Younger and James Noakes joint Executors of this my Will and Guardians of my said children during their minority and do revoke all former Wills and Codicils by me made In Witness whereof I the said Mary Hilder the Testatrix have to this my last Will and testament contained in this and the preceding sheet of paper subscribed my name the day and year first above written Mary Hilder

(Attestation Clause)

Josh Hyland _ Thos Cheesman

Proved at London 22 December 1838

PCC Prob11/1904

Transcribed by:

Ros Dunning.



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