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St SwithunMan unknown14 Sep 18371421Magnifying glass image
St SwithunMonk05 May 1832(no name given)1104Magnifying glass image
St SwithunNevill29 May 1826(see note)757Magnifying glass image
St SwithunBanister18 Jan 1839Abbigail1490Magnifying glass image
St SwithunMitchell14 Oct 1837Abel1420Magnifying glass image
St SwithunMiles26 Sep 1830Abigail1004Magnifying glass image
St SwithunRoaks17 Mar 1816Abraham160Magnifying glass image
St SwithunGates15 Jul 1817Abraham230Magnifying glass image
St SwithunHounsome29 May 1823Abraham593Magnifying glass image
St SwithunAlcock29 Oct 1826Abraham788Magnifying glass image
St SwithunCrouch05 Jul 1836Abraham1337Magnifying glass image
St SwithunCotton28 Mar 1837Abraham1387Magnifying glass image
St SwithunBond26 Sep 1838Abraham1477Magnifying glass image
St SwithunHeasman31 Oct 1838Adelaide1481Magnifying glass image
St SwithunFrazier08 Apr 1813Alexander17Magnifying glass image
St SwithunAshdown10 Mar 1834Alexander1194Magnifying glass image

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