London Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 03 Jun 1800.

Issue: 15264.

Page: 596.



Person details:

Name: Mr. Payne.

Marital Status: Not given.

Occupation: High Constable.


To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty. The humble Address of the Inhabitants of the Town of Brighthelmston, in the County of Sussex. Most Gracious Sovereign, WE, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Subjects, the Inhabitants of the Town of Brighthelmston, in the County of Sussex, impressed with a just Abhorrence of the late atrocious Attempt against your Majesty's sacred Person, venture, on an Event so extraordinary, to approach your Majesty's Throne with our heartfelt Congratulations at your Majesty's Escape from the meditated and desperate Effort of the malignant Assassin. May the same merciful and protecting Power, which hath hitherto shielded your Majesty from the active Violence of the Traitor long continue to us the invaluable Blessing of your Majesty's sacred Life, and may we, being made duly sensible, of this so manifest Interposition of the Divine Goodness, as well as for the great and multiplied Benefits we derive from your Majesty's mild and just Government, never cease to render that Omnipotent Being who governs the World our earnest Prayers and boundless Gratitude. [Presented by Mr. Payne, High Constable, Mr. Pelham and General Lenox, Members for the County of Sussex. ).



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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