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1, 184843On the Marble Effigy of a Knight and on an Ancient Earthen Vessel in the form of a Knight, found at LewesSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
2, 18497On the Early History of Lewes Priory, and its Seals, with extracts from a MS ChronicleSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
2, 1849288Subsidy Roll of the Rape of Lewes in 1296.SAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
3, 1850108Notes on the Wills proved at Consistory Courts of Lewes and ChichesterSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
3, 1850185On the Cluniac Priory of St Pancras at Lewes, its Priors and MonksSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
3, 1850249Manorial Customs of Southease-with-Heighton, near LewesSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
7, 1854151On 'The Lantern' in the Cluniac Priory of St Pancras, LewesSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
7, 1854217Sussex Monasteries at the time of their Suppression; Boxgrove, Shulbred, Bayham, Dureford, LewesSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
7, 1854231Families of Payne of East Grinstead and LewesSAC QueryMagnifying glass image
8, 1856253Architectural Relics of Lewes Priory. With an IntroductionSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
8, 1856273Subsidy Roll of the Rape of Lewes AD1296SAC NoteMagnifying glass image
9, 185771Subsidy Roll, collection within the Rape of Lewes, AD 1621SAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
9, 1857373Objects found at Lewes and RingmerSAC NoteMagnifying glass image
10, 185895Commissions of Sewers for the Lewes LevelsSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
10, 1858213Lewes Castle the County Prison?SAC QueryMagnifying glass image
11, 1859225A Rolle of the severall Armors and furniture, with theire names of the Clergie . . . [of] Lewes, South Malling, [and] Battell. Rated and appoynted 11 March 1612, by . . .Samuell [Harsnet] Lo. Bishoppe of ChichesterSAC NoteMagnifying glass image

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