London Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 11 Feb 1783.

Issue: 12414.

Page: 5.



Person details:

Name: John Attesoll.

Marital Status: Not given.

Occupation: Merchant.


WHereas we, whose Names are hereunto subscribed and assigned, having entered into Articles of Copartner ship, in the Name and Firm of Langridge and Company, at Lewes in the County of Sussex, in the Trade and Merchandize of buying and selling all Sorts of Deals, Fir Timber, Laths, Uphers, &c. think proper to make this public Declaration known to all whom it may concern, that the said Company have and do unanimously resolve, that all Orders that shall be given, or Contracts and Agreements that may or shall be given or made in the Course of their Dealings and Copartnership in Trade, as well as all Bonds, Bills of Exchange of Promissory Notes, that may or shall be given or made in Payment for Goods bought or sold in their joint Account, and in the Name and Firm aforesaid, shall be signed by all or a Majority of the said Copartners ; and that the Signature of any one Individual Copartner is not nor shall not be deemed and considered as biding to the Rest of the said Copartners, in any Act or Thing whatever. And further that the said Company will not be answerable for any Money that shall or may be at any Time advanced or lent to any of the said Copartners, unless the same shall be advanced and lent in the Presence of all or a Majority of the said Copartners ; and for which the Person so advancing the same shall at the same Time take and receive of and from the said Copartners, of the major Part of them, an Acknowledgement thereof by Bill of Exchange or Promissory Note, assigned as aforesaid, for the Repayment thereof. As witness our Hands, this 5th Day of February, 1793, Will. Langridge, Geo. Wille, John Attersoll, Rich. Winter, Walter Sayers, Henry Edwards, Wm. Gasston.



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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