Browse the marriage records in the Sussex OPC database (58477 records)
ChurchDateHusband's lastnameHusband's firstnameWife's lastnameWife's firstname
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All Saints13 Oct 1572PikeJohnSawyerChristianMagnifying glass image
All Saints19 Sep 1587MuswellRobertSawyerMaryMagnifying glass image
All Saints?? ??? 1595SawyerWilliamHemanAlseMagnifying glass image
All Saints20 Mar 1627TabWilliamSawyerDorothyMagnifying glass image
All Saints04 Sep 1632SawyerRichardParsonAnneMagnifying glass image
All Saints28 Nov 1633SawyersThomasTeageAnneMagnifying glass image
All Saints04 Feb 1635PowlterJohnSawyersAnneMagnifying glass image
All Saints15 Sep 1636SawyersJohnIsteadJaneMagnifying glass image
All Saints?? ??? 1655SawyerJohnVirgaeAnneMagnifying glass image
All Saints06 Nov 1666BlacksonThomasSawyersSusanMagnifying glass image
All Saints08 Aug 1671YoungeHenrySawyersAnnMagnifying glass image
All Saints22 Jun 1676BeardWilliamSayersJudithMagnifying glass image
All Saints02 Nov 1680DenetWilliamSaiersSarahMagnifying glass image
All Saints29 Oct 1699Marker?JohnSayersJaneMagnifying glass image
All Saints?? ??? 1739MooreJohnSawyerElizabethMagnifying glass image

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