Belfast Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 20 May 1938.

Issue: 882.

Page: 177.



Person details:

Name: Frances Elizabeth Fenwick.

Marital Status: Not given.

Address: "Scaines, " Blackboys.


NOTICE OF CHARITABLE BEQUEST. In the Goods of SARAH ORR, late of Montrose Villas, Northland Road, in the City of Londonderry, Widow, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to the Statute 30 and 31 Vict. Chap. 54 Sec. 19, that the said Sarah Orr, who died on the 30th day of December, 1937, by her last Will and Testament dated the 23rd day of June, 1931, bequeathed the following charitable legacy, namely:— The sum of Three hundred pounds (£300) to the Trustees of the Orphan Society in connection with the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in accordance with the wishes of her late sister, Elizabeth Hill McCay, deceased; the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said Society to be a good discharge to her Executrices. Probate of the Will of the said deceased was on the 14th day of March, 1938, granted forth of the District Registry at Londonderry, King's Bench Division (Probate) of the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland, to Mary Anna Young, of Montrose Villas, Northland Road, in the City of Londonderry, and Frances Elizabeth Fenwick, of "Scaines, " Blackboys, Sussex, the Executrices named in the said Will. CALDWELL & ROBINSON, Solicitors for the Executrices, 2 Arthur Street, Belfast; and 11 Castle Street, Londonderry. To the Secretary, Ministry of Finance for Northern Ireland, and all others whom it may concern.



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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