Protestation return detail



Parish notes:

Wee the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish of Donnington, have ministred the Protestation to the rest of the Parishioners whose names are heereunder written, the XVth day of February 1641.


Geo. Edgley.




These are to certifie, That I my selfe tooke the Protestation before Edward Higgins Esq;, Justice of the Peace, viz. Febru. 14th. And upon Joh. Brags Informacion, I doe boleeve that the Partyes herein named have also taken the Portestation (though I my selfe were not personally present), in regard of my present infirmity. In witnesse wheroof I sett my hand Febr. 16th 1641. Geo. Edgley, Cleric.

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