London Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 10 Oct 1820.

Issue: 17641.

Page: 1923.


Lewes, St Thomas at Cliffe.

Person details:

Name: Christopher Elliott.

Marital Status: Not given.

Occupation: Grocer, Tallow-Chandler, Dealer and Chapman.


THE Creditors who have proved their debts under a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Christopher Elliott, of Saint Thomas a Becket, in the Cliffe, near Lewes, in the County of Sussex, Grocer, Tallow-Chandler, Dealer and Chapman, are requested to meet the Assignees of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt, on Friday the 13th day of October instant, at Six o'Clock in the Evening precisely, at the Office of Mr. W. R. James, 23, Ely-Place, Holborn, for the purpose of authorising the said Assignees to sell and dispose of the said Bankrupt's real and personal estate, by public auction or private contract as they shall think proper; also to take into consideration the opinion of Counsel as to proceedings at law against certain persons, who will be then and there named, for recovery of certain sums of money paid by the said Bankrupt immediately before his Bankruptcy in preference ; and generally to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law or in equity, for the recovery of any part of the said Bankrupt's estate and effects ; or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing relating thereto; also to the allowance, in the accounts of the said Bankrupt, of the charges and expences incurred in or about the examination of the said Bankrupt, touching, his estate and effects ; and on other special affairs.



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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