St Bartholomew, (Chichester, St Bartholomew)





Mount Lane, Westgate, Chichester.

Grid reference: 485570, 104795, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


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Building information:

Built: 1832.

Architect: George Draper.

Style: Neo-Classical, stone west facade, remaining stone with flint garreting.

Current use: Worship.


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West turret removed and chancel remodelled in 1929 by Macdonald Gill. Now the Theological College Chapel.

The church of ST. BARTHOLOMEW, situated in Mount Lane, south of Westgate and without the city wall, was built in 1832 to replace the church which was destroyed in 1642. (fn. 10) It is a Renaissance building of grey brick with stone dressings and has a low-pitched slate roof, hipped and with large overhanging cornice on brackets. The chancel, which is low and gabled, has been lengthened, while the west front is stone-faced and divided into three by pilasters, the central part being pedimental. The doorway is flanked by statue niches, and above are an arched window and two circular windows. A small tower over the west end was taken down in 1929. The vestry was added in the same style on the north-east corner.
Internally the nave (48 ft. by 28 ft.) is lit by three circular-headed windows on each side. (fn. 11) There is a gallery containing an organ at the west end. The ceiling is flat. The chancel is lit by two smaller windows. The vestibule is at the west end under the gallery.
There is one bell dated 1832 by Thomas Mears.
The plate consists of a silver chalice with hall-mark 1900; a silver paten with hall-mark 1897; a silver flagon with hall-mark 1897; a chalice, paten and almsdish of Sheffield plate dated 1832.
From: 'Chichester: Churches (Anglican)', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 3 (1935), pp. 160-164. URL: Date accessed: Wednesday, October 10, 2007..

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