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St BartholomewDann02 Apr 1706Thomas3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewPaine03 Apr 1706Elizabetha3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewHoads23 Apr 1706Gululmus3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewGillett03 May 1706Maria3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewNewington03 May 1706Johannes3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewBates11 May 1706Elias3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewTaylor03 Jun 1706Elizabetha3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewNoakes16 Jun 1706Henricus3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewBunter12 Jan 1797Mary3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewMepham30 Jan 1797Sarah3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewVigor02 Feb 1797Harriot3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewShadewell10 Feb 1797Thomas3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewBalkham01 Mar 1797Elizabeth3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewCarman02 Mar 1797Sarah3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewBarnard02 Mar 1797Thos.3Magnifying glass image
St BartholomewThompson09 Mar 1797Zechariah3Magnifying glass image

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