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1832Pigot's Directory of SussexBakerBattleHenry(Publican)Black Horse.Magnifying glass image
1791Universal British DirectoryBakerBattleJohnFarmer & GrazierMagnifying glass image
1832Pigot's Directory of SussexBallantine BattleWm.Confectioner & stationerMagnifying glass image
1851Post Office DirectoryBannisterBattleWilliamveterinary surgeonMagnifying glass image
1791Universal British DirectoryBarberBattleAnthonyCurrierMagnifying glass image
1823Pigot's Directory of SussexBarnesBattleBenjaminBoot & Shoe MakerBattle.Magnifying glass image
1823Pigot's Directory of SussexBarnesBattleThos.George InnBattle.Magnifying glass image
1791Universal British DirectoryBarronBattleHughSlop-fellerMagnifying glass image
1791Universal British DirectoryBarrowBattleThomasCarpenterMagnifying glass image
1791Universal British DirectoryBartonBattleThomasMinister of religionMagnifying glass image
1832Pigot's Directory of SussexBarton BattleThomasBattle.Magnifying glass image
1823Pigot's Directory of SussexBartonBattleThos.AttorneyBattle.Magnifying glass image
1823Pigot's Directory of SussexBatchelorBattleJohnGrocer, CheesemongerBattle.Magnifying glass image
1851Post Office DirectoryBatesBattle-Hastings & Dallington courierMagnifying glass image
1851Post Office DirectoryBatesBattleWilliammillerWhatlington.Magnifying glass image
1832Pigot's Directory of SussexBattonBattle-AttorneyMagnifying glass image

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