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Wesleyan Holiness ChurchMagnifying glass image
Voice of GodMagnifying glass image
ValmikiMagnifying glass image
Unknown denominationThis category is used when the demomination of a church or chapel is not known.Magnifying glass image
United ReformedIncludes CongregationalMagnifying glass image
UnitarianHistoric Unitarianism believed in the oneness of God as opposed to traditional Christian belief in the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Historic Unitarians believed in the moral authority, but not the deity, of Jesus. Unitarians are characterized by some as being identified through history as free thinkers and dissenters, evolving their beliefs in the direction of rationalism and humanism.
Throughout the world, many Unitarian congregations and associations belong to the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists. Today, most Unitarian Universalists do not consider themselves Christians, even if they share some beliefs quite similar to those of mainstream Christians
Magnifying glass image
The Redeemed Christian Church of GodMagnifying glass image
The Church of GodFormed from the Open Brethren, 1892-4.Magnifying glass image
The Christian CommunityMagnifying glass image
SwedenborgianMagnifying glass image
SubudMagnifying glass image
SpiritualistMagnifying glass image
Society of St Pius X CatholicMagnifying glass image
SikhMagnifying glass image
Shekinah Global MinistriesMagnifying glass image
ShakerMagnifying glass image

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