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St PeterDallaway05 Sep 1835Benjamin Thomas65Magnifying glass image
St PeterHolland07 Sep 1835Stephen65Magnifying glass image
St PeterTester09 Oct 1835John66Magnifying glass image
St PeterCramp01 Nov 1835William Fredk.66Magnifying glass image
St PeterBrook03 Nov 1835Arthur66Magnifying glass image
St PeterHammond04 Nov 1835Anne66Magnifying glass image
St PeterChristian20 Nov 1835George66Magnifying glass image
St PeterGodwin01 Dec 1835Arthur66Magnifying glass image
St PeterStone17 Dec 1835Anne66Magnifying glass image
St PeterSavage31 Dec 1835Sarah66Magnifying glass image
St PeterBurt10 Jan 1836Harriet66Magnifying glass image
St PeterLansdell11 Jan 1836John66Magnifying glass image
St PeterShousmith12 Jan 1836Joshua66Magnifying glass image
St PeterWenham31 Jan 1836George66Magnifying glass image
St PeterLansdell04 Feb 1836Rachel66Magnifying glass image
St PeterGodwin07 Feb 1836John66Magnifying glass image

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