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St PeterFisher01 Aug 1813Mary42Magnifying glass image
St PeterGander18 Aug 1813Thomas42Magnifying glass image
St PeterDepo02 Sep 1813Francies42Magnifying glass image
St PeterFrench17 Sep 1813Eliza42Magnifying glass image
St PeterDuke27 Sep 1813Thomas42Magnifying glass image
St PeterShoesmith30 Sep 1813James42Magnifying glass image
St PeterRebenschaw14 Oct 1813Fredk.42Magnifying glass image
St PeterNatilburg07 Nov 1813John42Magnifying glass image
St PeterSchuckaid16 Nov 1813Godfrey42Magnifying glass image
St PeterBurt29 Nov 1813Elizabeth42Magnifying glass image
St PeterBecker18 Dec 1813Andrew42Magnifying glass image
St PeterDelves19 Dec 1813Randall42Magnifying glass image
St PeterToovy25 Dec 1813Lucy42Magnifying glass image
St PeterMuller28 Dec 1813John42Magnifying glass image
St PeterDorin03 Jan 1813Catherine41Magnifying glass image
St PeterMower09 Jan 1813Nicholas41Magnifying glass image

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