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St PeterFreeman05 Oct 1800Andrew74Magnifying glass image
St PeterBecker18 Dec 1813Andrew42Magnifying glass image
St PeterHanoverian?? Sep 1804An79Magnifying glass image
St PeterLight24 Aug 1834Amy64Magnifying glass image
St PeterHagerman22 Feb 1810Amster97Magnifying glass image
St PeterBoyne01 Jul 1807Amelia88Magnifying glass image
St PeterKnight24 Jan 1813Amelia41Magnifying glass image
St PeterFarmer26 Apr 1816Amelia45Magnifying glass image
St PeterModony29 Oct 1806Allen86Magnifying glass image
St PeterWeymouth07 Jan 1811Allen101Magnifying glass image
St PeterLansdell22 Mar 1815Alfred Thomas44Magnifying glass image
St PeterMiller26 Jan 1812Alfred102Magnifying glass image
St PeterJohnson14 Jan 1821Alfred50Magnifying glass image
St PeterQuin09 Nov 1837Alfred68Magnifying glass image
St PeterMatthewson08 Nov 1801Alexander Daniel75Magnifying glass image
St PeterManson03 Feb 1807Alexander87Magnifying glass image

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