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St Bartholomew12 Jan 1605S.JohnAlysMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew06 Mar 1659SmeethThomasMargreeMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew23 Nov 1781LaunderWilliamMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew30 Oct 1634WebbeRichardPickhamAlceMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew11 Aug 1608BydeThomasTirreyAleyisMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew?? Nov 1628EdwardsEd.PecknallAliceMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew14 Jun 1637BullRichardDontonAliceMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew18 Apr 1731BottenEdwardBullAliceMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew01 Nov 1628EdwardsEdwardPecknallAlice Pecknam OrMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew03 Oct 1624WilletRichardGredvanerAnMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew03 Sep 1657MartenJohnBullAnesMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew07 Feb 1658MichnerJohnPockneyAnesMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew10 May 1659YounerRichardPaynAnesMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew09 Jun 1659TounerJohnAshfouldAnesMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew09 Jul 1617FreindJeamesMartynAnnMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew?? Jan 1618J.N.AnnMagnifying glass image

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