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St Bartholomew04 Oct 1773AlsopJohnNorrisEliz.Magnifying glass image
St Bartholomew24 Jun 1625AnsteyEdwardWinteringhamAnneMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew17 Aug 1626AnstyEdwardTapsellJulianMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew21 Jan 1629AnstyeTho.BullDorothyeMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew05 Nov 1663AshfoldWilliamBeechAnneMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew17 Apr 1694AshfoldRichardCardElizabethMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew24 Feb 1714AshwellJohnTennerMaryMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew19 Jan 1606AskallWilliamFowleElizabethMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew20 Nov 1699BagshallRichardWalesJaneMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew02 Jul 1848BanfieldTimothyKingMaryMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew08 Nov 1779BarberWilliamMathewMaryMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew16 Jun 1670BarerEdwardMillElizabethMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew?? Apr 1844BartLukeHentyZilphaMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew15 Jun 1740BartleyJohn Bartliott OrParsonsMaryMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew02 May 1624BeachRichardHoldenJoaneMagnifying glass image
St Bartholomew02 Jul 1721BeachJamesSmithElizabethMagnifying glass image

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