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St DunstanDuke12 Sep 1609Willm (the Elder)Magnifying glass image
St DunstanHadlowe08 Jul 1580WillnMagnifying glass image
St DunstanBowyer12 Aug 1577WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanCade18 Oct 1581WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanDyrrant07 Apr 1583WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanMaynard20 May 1583WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanDuplake18 May 1584WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanEdwards29 Dec 1584WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanHolland14 Jan 1585WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanWebb24 May 1585WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanPenckherst28 Dec 1586WyllmMagnifying glass image
St DunstanHadlow21 Sep 1581Wyllm (old)Magnifying glass image
St DunstanSole03 Aug 1582Wyllm (old)Magnifying glass image
St DunstanAllen23 Feb 1585Wyllm (old)Magnifying glass image
St DunstanWhyseade22 Jan 1585Wyllm (the Elder)Magnifying glass image
St DunstanWeston14 Jan 1581Wyllm (ye Elder)Magnifying glass image

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