London Gazette index entry detail

Publication details:

Publication date: 10 Jun 1927.

Issue: 33283.

Page: 3791.



Person details:

Name: John Ernest Mead.

Marital Status: Not given.

Address: Anchorage-promenade, Peacehaven.


In the High Court of Justice. — Companies (Winding-up). Mr. Justice Eve. No. 00254 of 1927. In the Matter of the Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908, and in the Matter of the PEACEHAVEN HOTEL COMPANY Limited. NOTICE is hereby given, that a petition for the winding-up of the above named Company by the High Court of Justice was, on the eighth day of June, 1927, presented to the said Court by Sidney Allcock, of Highcliffe-promenade, Peacehaven, in the county of Sussex, and John Ernest Mead, of Anchorage-promenade, Peacehaven aforesaid, contributories of the said Company, and that the said petition is directed to be heard before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, on the twenty-first day of June, 1927; and any creditor or contributory of the said Company desirous to support or oppose the making of an Order on the said petition may appear at the time of hearing by himself or his Counsel for that purpose; and a copy of the petition will be furnished to any creditor or contributory of the said Company requiring the same by the undersigned, on payment of the regulated charge for the same. F. J. THAIRLWALL, 3, Verulam-buildings, Grays Inn-road, London; Agent for BEDFORD and CO. , Newhaven, Sussex, Solicitors for the Petitioners. NOTE. — Any person who intends to appear on the hearing of the said petition must serve on, or send by post to, the above named notice in writing of his intention so to do. The notice must state the name and address of the person, or, if a firm, the name and address of the firm, and must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their Solicitor (if any), and must be served, or, if posted, must be sent by post in sufficient time to reach the above named not later than six o'clock in the afternoon of the twentieth day of June, 1927.



Transcribed by:

Michael Metcalfe.

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