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A small attractive village on one of the small inlets of Chichester harbour, Bosham has played an important part in the history of this country over the centuries. Inhabited by the Romans, Bosham was the sixth most important town in Sussex in the 8th Century, recorded as one of the wealthiest manors in England in the Doomsday Book Bosham was only one of five places that appear on the map attached to the 12th century "Saxon Chronicle".

The Romans left a great deal of evidence of their occupation of the area of Bosham, particularly around the Quay and church Bosham was one of the places where legend has it that the Danish King Chanute sat on a chair surrounded by his courtiers and commanded the waves to go back It is thought that Chanute had a home in Bosham – his eight year old daughter was drowned in the brook and is buried in Bosham Church in a Saxon coffin at the foot of the chancel steps.

Alongside the little girl’s coffin is another Saxon stone coffin. Recent research suggests that it might be Harold II, 2nd Earl Godwin, who was killed at the battle of Hastings.

At one time Bosham was second only to Whitstable in the oyster industry. Until the trains came through Bosham in 1846, the trade was purely local but after that it was possible to get the oysters to London in one day. The trade ended when limpets wiped out stocks soon after the First World War, but it is now being revitalised.

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The Quay and the tiny High Street are lined with cottages that were once the homes of fishermen. In the early 1900s an old building known as the Raptackle, was used to house the gear for rope making, while the old mill, which probably dates back long before the Conquest, is now the Bosham Sailing Club Clubhouse

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