Postcard set detail

Name: Suffolk - Camburn & Rogers.

Postcard set publisher: Camburn, H.

Notes: H G Rogers. Later cards in this set are only attributed to HGR (H G Rogers), others are Harold Camburn Cards with H G Rogers as the client. A few early cards are captioned in the Camburn script style, later cards had a printed capitalised caption in a white rectangle.
Rogers was listed as a photographer on a Suffolk photographers website but he was not a photographer. His premises were at 158 London Road North, Lowestoft initially but later expanded to include the shop next door.
The 1916 Kelly's directory gave "Herbert George Rogers, newsagent, 158 London Road North. Herbert had a son Arthur who was a bookseller in the 1911 census in Lowestoft and he joined his father in the business. The 1925 Kelly gave the listing under the trade heading of "booksellers" Herbert George Rogers, 158 London Road North.
Bonhams Auctions listed a painting for sale on the back of which was a label " H.G. Rogers, picture framer and fine art depot, Lowestoft".
The Suffolk Archives has in their collection an advertisement for Liptons tea painted on the side of "Rogers Art Gallery, Lowestoft".
The last directory found for Rogers at 158 London Road was for 1939 so this should represent the latest year in which Camburn produced postcards for him but interestingly Rogers is listed in that directory as "tradesmean, cycle dealer".
An aerial view of Lowestoft Pier and Harbour which has on the back " published by Aerofilms Ltd. Published for H.G. Rogers of Lowestoft, London Road", so Camburn was not the only seller of postcards to Rogers. .

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