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Directory: 1832 Pigot's Directory of Sussex.

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Name: Battle.

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Or, Battel, is a market town in the hundred of its name and rape of Hastings, 56 miles from London, 24 from Tonbridge, and 8 from Hastings, situated in a beautiful valley bounded on the west, south and south-east by wood crowned eminences. The town consists principally of one street, wide and airy, the houses composing which are for the most part ancient and indifferently built, but of late the taste for improvement has been manifested by the erection of several modern and neat houses and shops. The only manufacture of consequence, and for which Battle has been long celebrated is that of fine gunpowder ; there is besides an extensive tannery, the property of Mr. Noakes, and the retail domestic trade of the place is tolerable well supported. The principal inn is the Chequers, a well accustomed commercial house. This place previously called Epiton, derives its present appellation from the memorable battle fought there, October 14, 1066, between Harold, King of England, and William, Duke of Normandy, afterwards surnamed the Conqueror. He founded a magnificent abbey for monks of the Benedictine order, and raised the high altar on the very spot where Harold and his valiant brothers fell covered with wounds, beside of the English standard. There are still considerable remains of this edifice ; the gatehouse, a beautiful specimen of the decorated style of English architecture, is in entire preservation, and many parts of the conventual buildings have been retained in the modern mansion of Battle Abbey. The town is within the jurisdiction of the county magistrates, who hold their petty sessions here for the district twice a month ; but this being a franchise the inhabitants are exempt from serving on juries at the assizes and sessions for the county. A coroner and other officers are appointed at the court leet of the lord of the manor, Sir Godfrey Webster, annually. The places of worship are the parish church, and chapels for Wesleyan methodists, unitarians and baptists. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, is a spacious structure, partly Norman, and partly in the early and later styles of English architecture. The living is a rural deanery, and the proprietor of the abbey, in whom is the presentation of the benefice, is still styled the Abbot, and the incumbent the Dean ; the former is Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart. & the later the very Rev. Dr. Thos. Birch, The principal charity is a free school, founded by Mrs. Elizabeth Langton, in 1793, for the instruction of 15 boys, and the like number of girls. A respectable book society was established here in 1792, and still continues to be well supported, and a mechanic’s institution, of more recent date, has obtained merited encouragement. The market is held on Thursday ; and the fairs are Whit Monday and 22nd November, for cattle. The parish contained in 1831, 2,999 inhabitants, being an increase, since 1801, of 959 persons.

POST OFFICE, Thomas Ticehurst, Post Master. – Letters from London arrive every morning at four, and are despatched every night at ten. – Letters from Worthing, Brighton, Lewes, Eastbourne, &c., arrive and are dispatched (by mail-cart) every night at half-past twelve. – Letters from Margate, Deal, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe, Rye and Hastings arrive every night at ten, and are despatched every morning at 4 – Letters from Hailsham arrive (by mail-cart) every night at 9, and are despatched every morn. at ½ past 6.

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy

Earl of - Asburnham of Ashburnham Park.

Rev. J. G. Ash , Clergyman.

Mrs Thomas Barton of Battle.

F. P. Bedingfield Esq. of Park House.

The Very Rev. Thomas Birch Dean of Battle, L.L.D.

Wastel Brisco Esq. of Rose Green.

E. J. Curties Esq. of Windmill Hill.

Mrs Mary Delves of Battle.

R Devonport Esq. of Salehurst.

John Fuller Esq. of Rose Hill.

Rev. John Fuller of Boreman.

Miss - Hancock of Battle.

Sir Charles Lamb of Beauport.

S. B. Mickelthwait Esq. of Iridge.

Samuel Nicholl Esq. of Mountfield.

J. C. Pelham Esq. of Crowhurst (Park).

Andrew Pilkington Esq. of Catsfield.

Rev. John Pratt of Sedlescomb.

Rev. H. J. Rush of Crowhurst.

Benjamin Smith Esq. of Mountfield.

Rev. Edwd. Warnford of Ashburnham.

Mrs John Watts of Battle Abbey.

Sir Godfrey Webster Bart. of Battle.

John Worge Esq. of Battle.

Rev. - Wynch of Westfield.

Academies & Schools

Rev. William Garner of Gent's boarding and day school.

William Metcalf of Boy's day school.

Joseph Ransum of Gent's day school.

William Ticehurst , School Master of Free School, Battle.

Commercial (Combined)

Henry Alderton, (Publican) of Eight Bells.

William Austin , Wheelwright.

Thomas Badcock Jun., Tailor.

Thomas Badcock , Auctioneer.

Henry Baker, (Publican) of Black Horse.

Wm. Ballantine , Confectioner & stationer.

- Batton, Attorney.

- Bellingham , Attorney.

Edward Beney , Umbrella maker &c.

James Beney , Tailor & hatter.

Nicholas Birch , Working cutler.

John Bishop , Boot and shoe maker.

John Blackman , Surgeon.

- Bontor , Grocer.

Stephen Bourner , Linen drapers.

William Brook , Painter or plumber.

Richard Bryant , Carpenter.

James Burgess , Linen and woollen drapers.

John Burgess , Hardwareman & ironmonger & stationer.

John Burgess , Tin-plate worker.

George Carrick , Boot and shoe maker.

John Chilton , Surveyor (taxes).

William Coleman , Blacksmith.

John Collins , Boot and shoe maker.

James Cuthbert , Druggist.

Chs. Dobell , Confectioner & basket maker.

Wm. Edwards , Hairdresser & perfumer.

Thomas Eldridge, (Publican) of Half Moon.

John Elliott , (Publican) of Duke of Wellington.

Joseph Elliott , Blacksmith.

Charles Emary, Commercial Inn & poisting and Excise Office of George.

Elizabeth Foord , Baker.

Elizabeth Foord , Grocer.

Sarah Foord , Baker.

Sarah Foord , Grocer.

Thomas Ford , Cooper & measure maker.

Henry Funnell , Grocer and tallow chandler and melter.

Charles Gausden , Butcher.

William Gibbs , Druggist.

Charles Augustus Goodwin , Corn factor & dealer, brewer & coal dealer.

Chs. Augustus Goodwin , (Publican) of Conquering Hero.

James Gorham, (Publican) of King's Head.

George Hayler , Tailor.

- Hilder, Banker of Branch of Hastings Bank (draw on Masterman, Peters and Co. London).

John Hooker , Tailor.

James Inskipp , Surveyor (buildings).

- Johnson, Grocer.

George Jones , Boot and shoe maker.

Nathaniel P Kell , Fire & C. Office Agent (Guardian).

Nathaniel Polhill Kell , Attorney.

John Kenward , Fire & C. Office Agent (Norwhich Union).

John Kenward , Linen drapers.

James Landsell , Carpenter.

Charles Laurence , Gunpowder manufacturer.

James Laurence , Hardwareman & ironmonger.

Son Laurence , Gunpowder manufacturer.

Joseph Lloyd , Butcher.

Henry Longley , Gun smith.

Edmund Manktelow , Cabinet maker.

- Martin , Attorney.

(Son) Martin , Attorney.

Samuel Martin , Carpenter.

George Metcalf , Boot and shoe maker.

William Metcalf , Grocer and stationer.

Irving Murray , Grocer (glass & c).

Alfred Neale , Baker.

William Neve , Corn factor & dealer.

William Neve , Linen drapers.

William Noakes , Tanner and currier and leather cutter.

M. Overy , Milliner & dress maker.

William Palmer , Baker.

Joseph Parks , Butcher.

Paul Pemble , Glover.

George Philcox , Clog and pattern maker.

William Phillips , Cooper.

Thomas Pilbeam , Watch and clock maker and gun smith.

Lydia Ray , Jeweler and toy dealer.

William Ray , Watch and clock maker.

David Richardson , Saddler & collar maker.

George Sargent , Linen drapers.

George Sargent , Upholsterer.

John Sargent Jun., Fire & C. Office Agent (Guardian).

Edward Saxby , Carpenter.

Henry Saxby , Carpenter.

- Scrivens, Banker of Branch of Hastings Bank (draw on Masterman, Peters and Co. London).

John Shaw , Baker.

John Shaw , Linen drapers.

George Slatter , Grocer (& dealer in china).

George Slatter , Wine and spirit Merchant.

Mrs John Slatter , Butcher.

Samuel Slatter , Butcher.

- Smith , Banker of Branch of Hastings Bank (draw on Masterman, Peters and Co. London).

Edwd. Smith , Blacksmith.

William Smith , Baker.

Emma Standen, Commercial Inn of Chequers.

Stephen Taylor , Baker and confectioner.

George Thorpe , Boot and shoe maker.

- Ticehurst , Surveyor (land).

Francis Wm. Ticehurst , Printer & binder.

Son Ticehurst , Surveyor (land).

Thomas Ticehurst , Fire & C. Office Agent (Kent).

Wm. Ticehurst , Fire & C. Office Agent (Royal Exchange).

Thomas Tutty , Butcher.

Thomas Vidler , Painter or plumber and bricklayer.

Sophia Walker , Straw hat maker.

William Waters , Corn factor & dealer.

James Watts , Surgeon.

Robert Watts , Surgeon.

Ebenezer Weller , Linen drapers.

William Weller , Saddler.

Edward Wrenn , Boot and shoe maker.

Richard Yielding , Baker.


To London, the Royal Mail (from Hastings), calls at the King’s Head, every night at ten – coaches, call at the George Inn, every morning at a quarter before ten, and afternoon at two – and coaches, call at the Eight Bells, every Friday morning at ten.

To Hastings, the Royal Mail (from London), calls at the King’s Head, every morning at four ; coaches every afternoon at three and five, and evening at seven ; and a coach (from Brighton), every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoon at two.


For Passenger and Goods To Hastings, a Van (from Maidsstone), every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoon at five.

To Maidstone, a Van (from Hastings), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at ten.


To London, Tilden Smith & Thomas Collet, daily – and Samuel Richardson, every Wednesday and Saturday.

To Dallington, James Haiselden, every Tuesday.

To Ewhurst, Samuel Richardson, every Wednesday and Saturday.

To Hastings, Tilden Smith & Thomas Collet, daily – William Palmer, daily (Thursday excepted) – Samuel Richardson, every Wednesday and Saturday – John Turner, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Edward Watson, every Tuesday & Friday – James Haiselden, every Tuesday – and Joseph Pankhurst, every Friday. .

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