St Andrew, (Bishopstone)




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Bishopstone Road, Bishopstone, East Sussex BN25 2UD.

Grid reference: 547230, 101010, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


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Earliest Register: 1561.


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Building information:

Built: Unknown or not given.

Current use: Worship.

Harrison's description (1911):

RESTORED in 1885. The Saxon work in this church makes it of more than ordinary interest. The large, lofty south porch, with long-and-short work of large stones, may have been a lateral chapel (see "The Arts in Early England" by Baldwin Brown). The door to church is not opposite the porch door, thus giving more space for small altar. In front of this is a small Norman porch, with zig-zag over door and pillars (restored) with capitals at side. Above this porch is a Saxon sun-dial with a cross and the name Eadric. Portions of nave walls are also pre-Conquest.

The chancel was, probably, originally Norman, but altered in Tr.-Nor. or E.E. period. It is divided into two parts. The E. has string course, with zig-zag and pellet on S., running round it; quadripartite vaulting (restored); clustered columns at angles; dog-tooth moulding on arch; Nor. shafts and capitals. Note large recess on S., also the circular windows over arch. The W. chancel has a lofty arch with deeply cut mouldings and foliated capitals; on N. and S. are two Nor. arches with zig-zag on the eastern one. The nave, E.E., is small. The curious Nor. stone slab on S. of tower, showing the Lamb and Doves drinking, as in early Christian sculptures in Rome, and the fine Dec. niche in porch were discovered at the restoration. N. aisle is Tr.-Nor. The tower, built in four stages, each diminishing in size, and separated by string course, is early Norman. Note corbel table. The top stage has a two-light window on each side divided by baluster. Inside, the tower has a low round arch and above it may be seen a high round one. There is an old pewter flagon and a chalice (1568). Font, Nor. Reg. 1561.


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