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The London Gazette.


Various parishes - amount of tenths paid to the incumbent.


26 Aug 1887.


WE, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, acting in pursuance of the Act of the twenty-ninth and thirtieth years of Her Majesty, chapter one hundred and eleven, section five, do hereby grant and convey to the respective Incumbents for the time being of the several churches or benefices in the county of Sussex, and in the diocese of Chichester, which are mentioned in the first column of the schedule hereunto annexed, the annual tenths or yearly payments, the amount of which is in the second column of the same schedule set opposite to the name of each such church, or benefice respectively, which said annual tenths or yearly payments were formerly payable by the Incumbents of the said several churches or benefices to the Bishop of Chichester, but are now payable to us, the said Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, it being the intent and meaning of this grant and conveyance that the said annual tenths or yearly payments shall henceforth cease to be payable.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our common seal, this fourth day of August, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven. (L.S)


Name of Church or Benefice., Amount of Tenths (£ s. d.)

Chidham, V., 1 1 11

Compton and Up Marden, V., 1 2 0 1/4

Elsted R., 1 0 0 1/2

with Trayford, R, and Didling, V., 0 15 2 1/2

Kirdford, V., with Plaistow, V., 1 2 0

North Mundham, V., 0 18 1

with Hunston, V., 0 18 5 1/2

Petworth, R., 4 3 O 1/2

Selsey, R., 1 2 4

Selsey, V., 0 16 0

Sutton, R., 1 10 1

with Bignor, R., 0 16 4 1/2

Tillington, R., 1 6 1

West Thorney, R., 1 0 10

Woollavington, R., 0 18 0

with Graffham, R., 0 19 0 1/2

Transcription details

Transcribed by: Michael Metcalfe.

Church(es) covered:

All Hallows, Holy Cross, Holy Trinity, St Andrew, St Giles, St John the Baptist, St John the Baptist, St Leodegar, St Mary, St Mary, St Mary, St Mary, St Michael, St Nicholas, St Paul, St Peter, St Peter, East Lavington, St Stephen, St Wilfrid, Church Norton.

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