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The London Gazette.


East Grinstead, St Swithun -Royal Assent given for rebuilding the church.


8 Jun 1790.


Westminster, June 9.

THIS Day the Lords being met, a Message was sent to the Honourable House of Commons by Sir Francis Molyneux, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, acquainting them, that The Lords, authorized by virtue of His Majesty's Commission, for declaring His Royal Assent to several Acts agreed upon by both Houses, do desire the immediate Attendance of this Honourable House in the House of Peers, to hear the Commission read; and the Commons being come thither, the said Commission, impowering the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, and the Duke of Leeds, to declare and notify the Royal Assent to the said Acts, was read accordingly, and the Royal Assent given to,

An Act for rebuilding the Parish Church of East Grinstead, in the County of Sussex.

Transcription details

Transcribed by: Michael Metcalfe.

Church(es) covered:

St Swithun.

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