Post Office Directory 1851, East Grinstead, West Sussex

East Grinstead is a parish, market, union, town, and ancient borough, 30 miles from London, on the Lewes road, 7 miles east of Three Bridges station, giving name to a hundred and union, Pevensey rape. The area is 15,072 acres, and a population of 3,280, assessed to the Income Tax at £12,369. The benefice is a vicarage, value £320 per annum, in the patronage of Earl Amberst, and incumbency of the Rev. John Netherton Harward. It is the largest parish in the county, and is a polling-place for East Sussex. The petty sessions for the division are holden here, and the board of guardians meet. County court is held here every 4th Wednesday. The town is built on an eminence consisting of one principal street. The fairs are held on April 21st, and December 11th, for cattle. There is a market for corn on Thursdays, and a cattle market on the last Thursday of each month. The town is a borough by prescription, and returned 2 members to parliament, until the passing of the Reform Bill, when it was disfranchised. The union workhouse contains 70 inmates. The Lent assizes were held here, formerly, in the town hall. Ashurst Wood and Forest Row are hamlets, and Brookhurst a manor of East Grinstead. Brambletye House, now in ruins, is in this parish. It was built in the reign of James I., in the Italian style, by Sir Henry Compton. Kidbrook, or Kidwoke House, was built by Mylne, and is the seat of Lord Colchester. The church, dedicated to St. Swithin, was built at the close of the last century; it is a noble stone structure, with square tower and 8 bells. In it is a curious monument to R. Lewknor, Esq., and his wife. The family of the Earl of Abergavenny are buried here, the late Earl having possessed Kidbrook, which was subsequently sold to the 1st Lord Colchester. The joint owners of the chancel are Earl Amherst and Robert Crawford, esq., in respect of their rectorial tithes. The is a chapel of ease, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, at the hamlet of Forest Row, about 3 miles from the mother church. The living is a perpetual curacy, value £70 per anum, in the incumbency of the Rev. Joseph Beckett. There is also a free Grammar school, founded and endowed by Robert Payne, esq. Rev. John Netherton Harward, vicar; Rev. Joseph Beckett, curate. Sackville College was founded by Robert, Earl of Dorset, in the year 1608, for 21 poor men, one of whom is to be warden, and 10 poor women, all of whom are to be single and unmarried, there “to pray, serve, honour and praise Almighty God.” The present patronesses are the Countess Amherst and the Countess De La Warr, descendants of Robert, Earl of Dorset, the founder. In consequence of a loss of property sustained by the college some years ago, and the difference in the value of money, it has been found necessary to reduce the number of brothers and sisters to 12. The other charities are £38 per annum. Here are places of worship for Baptists, Wesleyans, and Independents. Earl Gage, Lord Cavendish and William Pearless, Esq., are lords of the manor.

Beckett Rev. Joseph, (curate), Forest Row
Blunt Joseph, esq. Plawhatch
Caley Mrs. Brookhurst House
Collins Mrs. Anna
Cranston Mrs. Harriet, East Court
Crawford Robert, Esq. Saint Hill
Cutler Mrs. Ann
Danson John, esq. Fellbridge
Double Mrs. Sarah
Ellis George, esq.
Evans John, esq. Cutton’s Hill
Fulerton David, esq. Kidbrook Park, Forest Row
Fuller Augustus Elliott, esq. M.P. Ashdown House
Fuller Mrs. Maria, Lingfield Lodge
Gibbs Rev. Samuel Trainup, Chapel House
Hamilton Mrs. Forest Row
Harward Rev. John Netherton (vicar), Vicarage
Head Mrs. Sarah
Hoper George, esq. Thornehill
Lennox John, esq. Chantlers
Magens John Dorien, esq. (magistrate)
Magens Miss Cecilia, Forest Row
Needham Miss, Shugborough Cottage
Palmer William, esq.
Rogers John Henry, esq. E.Grinstead Common
Slight Rev. Samuel, Sackville Cottage
Smyth Robert W. esq. Ashurst Lodge
Took Charles, esq. (magistrate)
Turnbull Rev. James
Wickens Mrs. Susannah
Wood Mrs.
Wooldrich William, esq. Ashurst Wood Cottage
Worrell Mrs. Rebecca, Framepost
Worsley Frederick Caley, esq. Imberhorn

Alfrey Henry, Pixtons Farm
Arnold William, Shovelstrode Farm
Austin Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer
Bailye & Son, tailors
Baker William, butcher
Beard Miss Jane, milliner
Betchley Thomas, Southpark Farm
Bingham Thomas, Stonehouse Farm, Forest Row
Blackstone John, stonemason, Forest Row
Bowrah John, Wallhill Farm
Bowrah William, Hazelden Farm
Bradford John, “Three Crowns,” Ashurst Wood
Bran Moses, Pumphouse Farm
Bridgland Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner
Bridgland James, currier & leather cutter
Bridgland Richard, tailor
Brooker John, “Swan” & fly proprietor
Budgeon James, bricklayer
Burchet Charles, shopkeeper, E.Grinstead Common
Burt Thomas Robert, solicitor
Chapman Benjamin, shopkeeper
Chapman Edward, Gotwick Farm
Chapman Mrs. Sarah, Coomb Farm
Chapman Thomas, “White Lion,” East Grinstead Common
Charlwood Thomas, currier & leather cutter
Clapson Mrs. Ann, “Swan” & farmer, Forest Row
Cooper & Gosling, draper & grocers, & agents to London Corporation fire & life assurance
Cooper George, furniture broker
Cooper Richard, ironmonger
Cotton William, carrier
Coverley William, Hoskins Farm
Covey George, surgeon
Cox William, Dodges Farm
Dadswell Thomas, Stone Farm
Dadswell William, Mays Farm
Day Richard, coal merchant
Elphick & Avery, butchers & farmers
Eve John, shopkeeper, Ashurst Wood
Fawset Francis, poulterer, Ashurst Wood
Fieldwick Mrs. Fanny, butcher
Felton George, currier
Finch John, farrier, Forest Row
Finch Thomas, blacksmith, Forest Row
Foster James, Great Surrey Farm
Foster William, relieving officer & registrar
Fowle John, watch & clock maker
French Alfred, plumber &c.
Fry John, Beeches Farm, Ashurst Wood
Fry William, Goodwins Farm
Fuller William, painter & glazier, Forest Row
Gardner Humphrey, Hill Place Farm
Gardner John, Legsheath Farm
Garrett William, wheelwright
Gatland Henry, corn dealer
Gatland William, butcher
Goodrick John, carpenter, Forest Row
Goodwin Charles, Tilkhurst Farm
Goodwin William, Ridgehill Farm
Groves James, blacksmith, Ashurst Wood
Hall Miss Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker
Hall James, boot & shoe maker
Hall Thomas, coal merchant
Harding Thomas, draper & grocer
Harding William, Hairly Farm
Hastie Charles Nairn, solicitor
Haward John, saddler & harness maker
Head & Dives, drapers & grocers, & agents to the Sun fire & life assurance
Head Mrs. Lucy, “Crown”
Heasman William Walker, miller
Hills John, Cansiron Farm
Hills John, watch & clock maker
Histed Henry, farmer & butcher, Forest Row
Hoadley Peter, blacksmith
Hooker Abraham Spencer, baker & corn dealer
Huggett Richard, boot & shoe maker, Forest Row
Isard john, fellmonger & glover
Isted James, Butler’s Farm
Jones William, “Dorset Arms Hotel”, posting house & commercial inn
Kennard Charles, Tyecross Farm
Kenward Edward, brewer
Knight George, smith & farrier
Lambert William, dentist & hairdresser
Lynn George, bricklayer
Lynn James, builder
Lynn James, plumber, & agent to the British fire & life assurance
Lynn James Serles, ironmonger
Luckins Thomas, Broadstone Farm, Forest Row
MartinJohn, Blackwell Farm
Martin Thomas, blacksmith, Forest Row
Meades Mrs. Mary, baker
Mellish James, miller
Miles John, carpenter & farmer, Forest Row
Mills John, currier & tanner
Moon William, tailor
Morel Alfred, upholsterer
Morris George, coach maker & wheelwright
Morris John, shopkeeper & shoe maker, Ashurst Wood
Morris Mrs. Mary, wine & spirit merchant
Newman Charles, draper & grocer, Forest Row
Newman William, baker, Forest Row
Nicholas Henry, woollen draper & tailor
Norman Richard, carpenter
Noyes John, baker
Pace Edward, cooper
Palmer Thomas Jackson, chemist & druggist, & quill pen manufacturer, & agent to the Phoenix fire & life assurance
Paul Onesiphorus, painter & glazier
Payne Henry, boot & shoe maker
Payne John, boot & shoe maker
Payne John, jun., boot & shoemaker, & parish clerk
Payne Richard, inspector of weights & measures
Payne William, boot & shoe maker
Payne William, carrier
Pearless & Head, solicitors
Penfold Thomas, Fairlight Farm
Pennyfold Thomas, Neylands Farm
Pobgee Mrs. Susan, beer retailer
Potter Joseph, grocer, Ashurst Wood
Pretty Misses Elizabeth & Sarah, milliners
Quickenden James, Claypits Farm
Ridley Henry, “Roebuck”, Forest Row
Rose John, Wellsbeech Farm
Sawyer Charles, draper & grocer
Sayers Stephen, draper & grocer, Forest Row
Sheppard Mrs. Jane, milliner
Sheppard Joseph William, woollen draper & tailor
Simmons John, wheelwright, East Grinstead Common
Simmons William, Charlwood Farm
Sloae John, surgeon, Forest Row
Smith John, auctioneer, appraiser, printer & farmer, & agent to the Farmer’s fire & life assurance, & secretary to the savings bank
Smeads William, Brooklands Farm
Steer William, Harwoods Farm
Stenning John, farmer & timber merchant
Stenning William, timber merchant
Stuchberry Thomas, Inland Revenue Officer
Taylor Richard, printer
Thomas John, Budgensbarn Farm
Tooth John, plumber
Tully John, veterinary surgeon
Turley John, brickmaker
Turner James, miller
Turner Robert, miller & farmer, Forest Row
Turner William, Boileys Farm
Turner William, land agent & surveyor
Underwood John, farmer, Forest Row
Underwood John, Horseshoe Farm
Waghorn Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Forest Row
Walls Miss Ann, dressmaker
Walls John, Mill Place Farm
Walls Mrs. Mary Ann, chemist & druggist
Wells James, wheelwright, Forest Row
Wells William, wheelwright & ironmonger, Forest Row
West James, carrier, Ashurst Wood
Wheeler John, hairdresser
Whyte John, surgeon
Wickens William, Luxfords Farm
Winser Samuel, “Ship”
Wood Edward, coal merchant

Post Office – Thomas Jackson Palmer, chemist & druggist, postmaster. Letters arrive from Tunbridge Wells at 6.40am; delivered at 7.30am; dispatched at 6.15pm. Letters arrive from Three Bridges station at 12.15pm; dispatched 7.45am. Receiving House at Forest Row, Charles Newman, grocer &c. receiver. Letters arrive from Tunbridge Wells at 6am; dispatched at 6.10pm

George Head; draws on the London & Westminster Bank, Lothbury
Lewes Branch Brank, John Smith, manager
Savings Bank, John Smith, secretary

Insurance Agents:-
British Fire & Life, James Lynn
Farmers Fre & Life, John Smith
London Corporation Fire & Life, Cooper & Gosling
Phoenix Fire & Life, Thomas Jackson Palmer
Sun Fire & Life, Head & Dives

Public Establishments:-
County Court, William Turner, esq. judge, Old Steine, Brighton; James Koskins, esq. treasurer, Portsmouth; Edgar Blaker, clerk, Lewes; William Pearless, assistant clerk, East Grinstead; John Lewis, high bailiff, Lewes; Thomas Hall, sub-bailiff, East Grinstead; John Smith, broker, East Grinstead

Union Workhouse, Benjamin Barlow, master; Mrs. Susannah Barlow, matron; John Betchley & William Foster, relieving officers; Richard Groves, schoolmaster; Mrs. Jane Stibbard, schoolmistress; William Alston Head, clerk to the board of guardians; Mr John Whyte, medical officer; Rev. John Netherton Harward, chaplain

Places of Worship:-
Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel, Rev. Samuel Trainup Gibbs, minister
Baptist Chapel, Forest Row, Rev. G. Veals, minister
Forest Row School, William Hardin Harwood, master & clerk to Holy Trinity chapel; Miss Grace Harwood, mistress

Coach to Three Bridges station, daily, at 8am & 2.45pm; returning at 12.20pm & 7.15pm
Omnibus to the Godstone Station, every morning at 7.15am; returning every evening at 8pm

Carriers to:-
London – William Payne’s van, every mon. tues. thurs. & fri. to the Half Moon Inn, Borough & returns from thence every wed. thurs. fri. & sat.; James West’s van, every mon. & thurs. to the Queen’s head Inn, Borough, & returns from thence every tues. & fri.; William Cotton’s van, every mon. & thurs. to the Catherine Wheel Inn, Borough & returns from thence every tues. & fri.
Tunbridge Wells – George Gilham’s cart, every tues. thurs. & sat. returning the same day


Transcribed by Stacey Gardner

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