Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ UCKFIELD, BUXTED, FLETCHING, MARESFIELD & NUTLEY

UCKFIELD is a neat village in the parish of its name, hundred of Loxfield-Dorset, and rape of Pevensey; 42 miles S.S.E. from London and 8 N.E. by N. from Lewes; pleasantly situated near the Ouse, which river bounds the parish on the west. The houses are in general well built, and many genteel and opulent families are resident in the village and its environs. The trade of Uckfield is quite of a local nature, well supported by its own inhabitants, and the country immediately surrounding the village. There is an excellent Inn here, ‘the Maiden’s Head,’ affording accommodations superior to what might be anticipated from the size and consequence of the village. The church, dedicated to the Holy Cross, standing at the west side of the village on a hill, is a small Gothic structure, evidently of great antiquity, with a small square tower at the west end. The benefice is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the see of Canterbury. A chapel for baptists, and a national school for the education of children of both sexes are in the village. Fairs are held on the 14th May and 29th August, for cattle and pedlery. – Population, see after NUTLEY.

Adjoining to Uckfield parish is that of BUXTED, containing a neat stone church dedicated to St. Margaret, with a lofty spire. The living is a rectory with the curacy of Uckfield annexed. A certain number of children are clothed and educated, and some apprenticed by means of charitable bequests. About three quarters of a mile from Uckfield is Buxted Park, the seat of the Earl of Liverpool; the mansion is a quadrangular brick building, fronting the road from East Grinstead to Uckfield. A fair for cattle and pedlery is held here on 31st July.

FLETCHING is s small village, about four miles west from Uckfield. The church, dedicated to St. Andrew and St. Mary, although ancient, is somewhat elegant, and its appearance very much improved by a handsome and lofty spire; the interior is remarkably neat, and contains, amongst other monuments, one to Richard Dalymyge, lord of the manor in the time of Edward IV. The living is a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the Earl of Sheffield, whose seat, Sheffield Place, adjoins the village; the house is very large, and the entrance to the park, is under a noble Gothic arch, shaded by trees. A national school for the education of children of both sexes is in the parish. A small fair for pedlery, &c. is held on the Monday before Whit-Sunday.

About two miles north from Uckfield is the small village of MARESFIELD; at a short distance from which, on the road towards East Grinstead, is Maresfield Park and Mansion, the seat of John Villiers Shelley, Esq. The church, dedicated to St Bartholomew, received a few years since an additional number of sittings, partly at the expense of the church commissioners: the living is a rectory, in the gift of the noble family of Gage. There is a national school for the education and part clothing of children of both sexes; the school house is a neat building, erected in 1819. A fair is held September 4th, for cattle, pedlery, &c.

Three miles north of Maresfield is the hamlet of NUTLEY, situated near the borders of Ashdown Forest. The inhabitants are principally employed in agriculture.

The localities and population of the foregoing parishes are as follows: UCKFIELD and BUXTED are in the hundred of Loxfield-Dorset and rape of Pevensey; by the census of 1831 the former contained 1,261 inhabitants, the latter 1,642. FLETCHING and MARESFIELD are in the hundred of Rushmonden and rape of Pevensey, and contained, by the same returns, the former 1,870, and the latter 1,650 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, UCKFIELD, Benjamin Piddington, Post Master.-Letters from LONDON arrive every morning at three, and are despatched every night at half-past eleven. – Letters from EASTBOURNE, HAILSHAM and HORSEBRIDGE arrive every night at half-past ten, and are despatched every morning at four.

Colchester the Right Hon. Lord, Sheffield place, Fletching
Davis Col. -, Dane Hill, Fletching
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, Uckfield
Francome, the Misses, Uckfield
Grant Rev. John, Isfield
Herdis Captain J. Uckfield
Hoare Rev. H. Framfield
Hughes William, esq. Framfield
Jerrison Miss -, Uckfield
Kelly John, esq. Uckfield
Kilgour the Misses, Uckfield
Law Mrs. -, Horstead
Lidbetter Hy. esq. Uckfield
Liverpool Rt. Hon. Earl of, Buxted park
Moon Miss Mary, Uckfield
Sheffield the Hon. Lord, Sheffield place
Shelly Jno. Villiers, esq. Maresfield pk
Simpson Rev. -, Horsted rectory
Streatfield R. esq. Rocks
Turner Rev. Edward, Maresfield
Underwood Rev. John, Uckfield
Wilson Sir Thomas, Fletching
Woodward Mrs. Cath. Eliz. Uckfield
Woodward Mrs. Mary Eliz. Uckfield
Wordsworth Rev. Dr. Buxted

Mannington Mary (brdng.), Uckfield
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Uckfield – William Batchelor, master; Emma Hudson, mistress
Rook Wm. A. (brdng. & day), Uckfield
Underwood Rev. Jno. (b rdg.) Uckfield

Horscroft Henry, Uckfield
Shipton George, Uckfield
Soper, Samuel, Uckfield

Brooker George, Framfield
Brooker John, Framfield
French Edward, Uckfield
French William, Uckfield
Goldsmith Thomas, Maresfield
Jenner John, Uckfield
Markwick Mary, Uckfield
Mills George, Uckfield
West Robert, Maresfield
Wood Charles, Fletching

Eade George, Uckfield
Elphick Trayton, Uckfield
Heaver Benjamin, Maresfield
Mannington John, Uckfield

Cheale Alexander (and builder and house surveyor), Uckfield
Fuller James, Fletching
Markwick Henry, Uckfield
Markwick Richard (and auctioneer), Uckfield
Markwick Stephen (and builder), Uckfield

NORWICH UNION, John Newnham, Uckfield
PHŒNIX, Samuel Lidbetter, Uckfield
ROYAL EXCHANGE (fire and life), William How, Uckfield

Gosling William, Uckfield
Harland James, Fletching
Peters William, Maresfield
Turner John, Uckfield

Bell, James Best, Uckfield
Black Boy, Benj. Wren, Framfield
Chequers Inn, James Bourner, Maresfield
Griffin, William Diplock, Fletching
Hare & Hounds, Jos. Bates, Framfield
King’s Head, Martha Hartley, Uckfield
Maiden’s Head Inn (and posting and commercial), Henry Cloake, Uckfield
Sheffield Arms, James Young, Fletching

Catt John, Buxted
Diplock Rebecca, Fletching
Dives James, Fletching
Dray John, Maresfield
Kenward John, Uckfield
Mannington George, Uckfield
Packham John, Fletching

Edwards Jane E. Uckfield
Hankin Jane, Uckfield
Hastings Elizabeth, Uckfield
How Harriet, Uckfield

Harmer John, Uckfield
Rake George, Uckfield

Adams John, Fletching
Fisher Thomas, Uckfield
Holly and Fleming, Uckfield
King George, Uckfield

Bannister William, Fletching
Falconer William, Framfield
Farrant William, Maresfield
Feuner James, Nutley
Hill Charlotte, Framfield
Hobbs Edmund, Uckfield
King George, Fletching
Merrick Thomas, Uckfield

Foster John (and chymist), Uckfield
Kenward Nicholas (and toy dealer), Uckfield

Covey William Henry, Uckfield
Prince Charles (and registrar of births and deaths), Uckfield

Brook Thomas, Uckfield
Markwick, Ebenezer, Uckfield
Shephard Thomas, Uckfield
Wallis & Co. (and drapers), Uckfield

Fowle William, Uckfield
Mathew Peter, Uckfield

Funnell Edward, Fletching
Knight Thomas, Maresfield
Waterman James, Uckfield

Names without address are in UCKFIELD
Cameron James, nurseryman
Duplock Thomas S. hair dresser
Gaston Sarah, cooper
Hankin Charles, excise officer
Holman Richard, surveyor
Kenward Edward, maltster & spirit merchant
Markwick Sarah, toy dealer
Newnham & Markwick, timber merchants
Newnham John, currier, Framfield
Newnham John, brewer
Novis Richard, brazier and tinman
Perigoe Samuel, veterinary surgeon
Rice Henry, chair maker and turner
SAVINGS’ BANK (open every Wednesday from 12 to 2) – Wm. A. Rooke, secretary.
Turner James, leather seller
UNION WORKHOUSE – John Morris, master; Sarah Morris, matron
Whapham Charles H. gardener
Wicks Maria, bricklayer

To and from LONDON, BRIGHTON and LEWES, pass through UCKFIELD, calling at the Maiden’s Head Inn, daily.

To LONDON, BRIGHTON, LEWES, HAILSHAM, EASTBOURNE, HASTINGS, and all intermediate places, from John Jarratt’s Van and Waggon office, Uckfield, daily.


Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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