Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ Rye & Winchelsea

RYE is a cinque port, market town, and borough both corporate and parliamentary, having separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of Gostrow and rape of Hastings – 63 miles S. E. from London, 51 E. from Brighton and 11 E. from Hastings; situate at the eastern extremity of the county, near to the borders of the Kentish marshes, and occupying the declivity of a hill, on a peninsula bounded on the south and west by the sea, and on the east by the river Rother. The town is composed of several regularly built and well formed streets, the appearance of the houses conveys an idea of general respectability, and from many points beautiful views are commanded of the channel and the adjacent country, which presents a combination of delightful scenery; within the last year the town has been lighted with gas. Rye, in the time of Richard II, was burnt by the French, who repeated this atrocity in the reign of Henry V1, when, it was conjectured, the old records and charters of the town were consumed, as, with the exception of some fragments, none beyond a certain date, long subsequent to its foundation, are in existence; by the same conflagration the old church is supposed to have suffered, and the present one in consequence substituted; the former stood on the spot still called the Old Church-yard, near Ypres tower. This tower, now appropriated to the purposes of a goal, has recently undergone considerable alterations and improvements; to the two large rooms used for the confinement of prisoners, two others, erected in the new yard, and four cells for solitary confinement, have been added. The harbour, which is on the south-east side of the town, has been for many years in an indifferent state, buy under proper management might be rendered secure for vessels of any burthen; even at present, ships of two hundred tons can come close up to the quay, on the north side of the town, one mile and a half from the entrance and the rivers Rother, Tillingham and Brede, in their course through the country, afford valuable commercial facilities. Coal, corn, hops, bark, wool and timber, constitute the chief articles of trade; and several sloops are constantly employed in conveying chalk from the cliffs at Eastbourne for the making of lime: the herring and mackerel fisheries are likewise pursued to a considerable extent, the produce being principally sent to the London market.

The government of the town, under the new municipal act, is vested in a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors, under the style of ‘the mayor, jurats and commonalty of the ancient town of Rye.’ Courts of quarter sessions and general gaol delivery are holden before a recorder, nominated by the crown; the mayor is coroner for the borough and liberty, and also a justice of the peace during his mayoralty and for the following year; a commission of the peace has likewise, under the same act, been conferred on four gentlemen of the borough, who meet in petty session, at the court hall, on the mornings of Monday and Thursday in every week. The borough has exercised the elective franchise from the earliest date of parliamentary representation, and previous to the enactment of the reform bill returned two members; by that measure, however, the town and its electoral district was restricted to one representative; the mayor is the returning officer, and the present sitting member is Thomas Gybbon Monypenny, Esq., of Hole House, Rolvenden. The church, dedicated to St Mary, is an ancient and capacious cruciform structure, with a central tower, in which is a clock of peculiar mechanical construction; some of the windows are of large dimensions and elegant design: the living, a discharged vicarage, is in the patronage of the Earl of Burlington, and incumbency of the Rev. Henry Cooper, B. D. There are places of worship for baptists, independents and Wesleyan methodists. A free grammar school, a British school, and almshouse, and some minor benevolent bequests, are the public charities. Markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday, the former for corn, and the latter for provisions of all kinds; and there is a large cattle market every alternate Wednesday; the fairs are on Whit-Monday and the 10th August. The cinque port and parish of Rye contained, in 1831, 3,715 inhabitants.

About two miles and a half south from Rye, in the hundred of Guestling and rape of Hastings, is the cinque port of WINCHELSEA, situated on an eminence in the parish of its name, one mile and a half from the sea. It was formerly a market town, and , until the reform bill beprived it of the elective franchise, returned two members to parliament: it is also said to have been a city at some early period, but its only importance at present is derived from the privileges it still continues to enjoy as a cinque port; among these is the right of sending two barons to support the canopy over the monarchs of England at their coronation. Neither trade nor any particular branch of manufacture is now carried on, and its marked has long fallen into disuse. The royal military canal commences at Cliff End, and, passing near the town parallel with the shore, enters the sea at Shornecliffe, near Hythe. The church, dedicated to St. Thomas, is the only remaining portion of a very fine and spacious edifice, the other parts having fallen to decay; it contains several handsome and interesting monuments, and the entire forms an object of venerable antiquity. The parish contained, in 1831, 772 inhabitants – being a decrease, within the previous ten years, of 45 persons.

POST OFFICE, High street, RYE, Ann Miller, Post Mistress. – Letters from LONDON arrive every morning at twenty-five minutes past six, and are despatched every night at half-past eight. – Letters from DOVER, FOLKESTONE, HYTHE, ROMNEY, &c. arrive every morning at half-past ten, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past three. – Letters from BRIGHTON, LEWES and HASTINGS arrive every afternoon at a quarter past three, and are despatched every morning at half-past ten.

POST, WINCHELSEA, Receiving-House at Richard Wilson’s. – Letters from LONDON, &c. arrive (through RYE) every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at six. – Letters from HASTINGS, &c. arrive every afternoon at three, and are despatched every forenoon at eleven.

Ashuburnham Sir Wm. bart. Broomham, Winchelsea
Butler, Richard Weedon, esq. Market st
Chamberlain Mrs. -, Middle st
Cooper Rev. Henry, Vicarage
Curteis Herbert, esq. Mount field
Dawes Thomas, esq. Winchelsea
Griffith Mrs. Elizabeth, Watchbell st
Hannah Joseph, esq. Winchelsea
Jackson Mrs. William, Mint
Lamb Rev. George Augustus, Idon
Langford Mrs. Thomas, Rye
Longley Richard, esq. Winchelsea
Pix Thomas, esq. Peasmarsh
Pomfret Richard Curteis, esq. Rye
Procter Mr. James, Watchbell st
Ramsden William, esq. East st
Slade Mrs. Daniel, Watchbell st
Stanes Brockett Brockett, esq. High st
Stileman Richard, esq. Winchelsea
Watson William, esq. Middle st
West Rev. James, Winchelsea
Woodhams Mrs. Cath. Winchelsea

Not otherwise described are Day.
Allen Charlotte (boarding and day), Watchbell st
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, High st – George Easton, master
Gittins Wm. (boarding & day), East st
Holgate George Perry, Ropewalk
Jarrett Henry, Mermaid st
Jones Charles, Winchelsea
Kennett Mrs. (brdng & day), Winchelsea
Mapleson Kitty, Winchelsea
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Winchelsea – Samuel Cloud, master; Caroline Easton, mistress
SAUNDERS’S CHARITY SCHOOL, Landgate – William Stonestocks, master
Tyler Elizabeth, Market st

Carpenter George, High st
Dawes Edwin Nathl. (& notary and commissioner of bankrupts) High st
Lardner & Dawes, High st
Lardner John Haddock (& commissioner fro taking acknowledgements of married women), High st
Manser & Jenner, Mint
Procter Thos. (& town clerk), Mermaid st

Alce Robert, Landgate
Huggins Wm. Oliver (and ale and porter merchant), Market st
Reeve & Vidler, High st

Black Ann, Mermaid st
Barry Frederick, Ropewalk
Blake James, Lion st
Chatterton William, Market st
Clark Fisher, High st
Clark James, Winchelsea
Edwards Edward Chas. Cattle market
Foster John, Watchbell st
Sargent William, Winchelsea
Selmes Simon, Mermaid st
Stonham William Henry, Landgate
Tolhurst John, Landgate

Curteis, Pomfret & Co. High st – (draw on Willis & Co. London)

Boots, James, Wish st
Cooper John, High st
Hessell James, Strand
Paine Richard, Winchelsea
Ranger Thomas, Strand
Stace James, Landgate
Waters Edward, Landgate

Bailey Joseph, Winchelsea
Catt John, Ropewalk
Cronk Thomas, Landgate
Daniel Henry, High st
Daniel Thomas, Strand
French Charles (and leather cutter), High st
Hearnden George, Winchelsea
Hill Charles, Winchelsea
Howell David, Winchelsea
Munds Thomas, Redlion st
Paine William, Landgate
Santer Stephen, Ropewalk
Saxby John, Winchelsea
Smith William, High st
Stocks Felix, Tower cliff
Thompson Robert Samuel, High st
Vennall James, Mint
Wellsted William Redlion st
Wilson John, Mint

Aylward William, Albion brewery, Ropewalk
Chapman Saml. Herbert (& spirit & cider merchant), East Guldeford
Meryon & Holloway (& maltsters), Strand

Aylward Thomas William, Ropewalk
Smith Jeremiah (& potter), Cadboro

Bourn William, Mint
Furby Samuel, High st
Holt Jacob, Winchelsea
Judge John, High st
Pink Richard, Middle st

Austen Stephen, Mint
Burkett John, High st
Darvell Philip, Redlion st
Edwards Edwin, Mermaid st
Hayward Edward Bowdell, Tower st
Jenkins John, Winchelsea
Jones Henry, Winchelsea
Kennett Elizabeth, Redlion st
Mittell John, East st
Mortley Edwin, High st
Watson William, Landgate

Hilder Edward, 1 and 2 High st
Seymour John, High st
Worsell Richard, High st

Barnes Edward, Cattle market
Clark Peter, Mint
Dive William, Watchbell st
Fuller Walter, Winchelsea
Hyland William, Mint
Laurence & Osborne, Winchelsea
Seymour James, Landgate
Stocks Henry, Tower cliff
Thomas James, Redlion st

Crosskey William, Market st
Hoil Thomas, Mint

Kimpton William, Market st
Pink Sarah, Mint
Thorpe William, High st
West Charles, High st

Barry Thomas, High st
Plomley James, High st
West Charles, High st

Marked thus * are also Corn Merchants and Dealers.
(See also Corn Merchants.)
Ayerst Thomas, Strand
Aylward William, Ropewalk
*Barry Frederick, Ropewalk
* Benfield Nathaniel, Winchelsea
Frise George, Strand
*Hoad Henry & John, Landgate
*Pilcher Charles, Strand
*Shepperd Samuel, Hastings road
*Smith & Hicks, Strand
Stonham David, Strand
Tucker James, Landgate
Vidler John, Strand

Chatterton William, Market st
Clark Fisher, High st
Honeysett David, High st
Stonham William Henry, Landgate

Chatterton Edward (for Hanover and France, vice-consul for Denmark, Netherlands, Hanse Towns, Norway and Sweden; agent to Lloyds, and Sergeant of the western division of the cinque ports), Strand

(See also Coal Merchants.)
Blake James, High st
Clark Fisher, High st
Sargent William, Winchelsea
Vidler John, Strand

Barrow Fanny, Mint
Udall William, Redlion st

ATLAS, Henry Edward Paine (and clerk to the Rye Union, and superintendent registrar), Pump st
CROWN, Alfred Miller, High st
KENT, John Bellingham & Charles Thomas, High st
NORWICH UNION, Geo. Frise, High st
PHŒNIX, Robt. Alce, Landgate
ROYAL EXCHGE. Chas. Taylor, High st
SUN, David Taylor, High st

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Back Ann, Mermaid st
Blackman George, Winchelsea
Daniel John, Landgate
Frise George, High st
Fuller Walter, Winchelsea
Hearnden Isaac, Winchelsea
Lord James, High st
Pink Sarah, Mint
Saxby John, Winchelsea
Sharps Robert, Winchelsea
Southon Benjamin, Cattle Market
Stonham James, East st
Thorpe William, High st
Tucker James, Landgate
Vennall John, High st
Vennall Thomas, Mint

Fryman & Watts, Market st
Smith, Hicks & Co. High st
Tucker James, Landgate

Edwards Thomas, Redlion st
Haisell George, Winchelsea
Kidd Richard, High st
Miller Henry, Landgate
Watson George, Ropewalk

Barley Mow, Geo. Dann, Landgate
Castle, Richard Osborne, Winchelsea
Cinque Port Arms, Jane Gorham, Ropewalk
Crown and Sceptre, Edward Barns, Ropewalk
Dolphin, Charles Poole, Mint
Ferry Boat, Thos. Jarrett, the Wish
George Hotel, John Meryon, High st
Globe, John Wheeler, Cliff
Hope and Anchor, William Woolett, Watchbell st
Horse and Groom, Edgar Brignald, Ropewalk
Jolly Sailor, Mary Hearsfield, Watchbell st
King’s Head, Mary Ann Gains, Playden
Lamb, William Neeves, Landgate
London Trader, Jas. Shearer, Strand
New Inn, Jane Harrod, Winchelsea
Queen Adelaide, James Phillips, the Wish
Queen’s Head, Thomas Phillips, Landgate
Red Lion, Edwin Hilder, Redlion st
Ship, George Thomas, Strand
Union, Sarah Hunter, East st
William IV, Thos. Aylward, Ropewalk
Ypres Castle, George French, Gun garden steps

Hilder Edward, 1 and 2 High st
Jones Robert (and brazier and gas fitter), Landgate
Kingsnorth Henry, High st
Newby Jarvis Edward, Middle st
Owen & Mills, High st
Smith Wm. (& ship chandler), Strand

Blackman George, Winchelsea
Edwards George, Landgate
Fuller Frederic, High st
Heath Edwd. Jas. (& clothier), Strand
M’Diarmid William, High st
Thorpe Thomas & Son, High st
White Thomas, High st

Larkin Thomas, Landgate
Marley William, Ropewalk
Meryon John, the George, High st

Bromham Edmund, Redlion st
Claise James, Winchelsea
Trigwell Jospeh, Playden
Tyrrell Edward & William, Landgate

Allen & Fowle (and steam packet agents), Strand
Chatterton Edward, Strand
Pilcher Charles, Strand
Smith & Hicks, Strand
Vidler John, Strand

Barry Frederick, Ropewalk
Bourne Richard, Playden
Chatterton William, Market st
Clark Fisher, High st
Edmonds James, Playden
Jenkins Jane, Winchelsea
Sargent William, Winchelsea
Sharps Ann, WInchelsea

Abbott Mary, Middle st
Clark Maria, Redlion st
Daniel Elizabeth, High st
Fielder Mary, High st
Foster Mary, Watchbell st
Gateland Jane, Church st
King Jane, Ropewalk
Stocks Sarah, Tower cliff

Cox William (and block and mast maker & undertakr.) Under the Cliff

Collins George, East st
Croucher John, Middle st
Jones Robert, Landgate
Laurence Charles, Mint
Laurence Stephen, Winchelsea
Paine George, Redlion st

Chatterton Wm, Holt, Watchell st
Wright Danl. (& clothier), Ropewalk

Curd William
Rubie George
Rubie Geo. jun.
Smith William
Tillburn Lewis
Tiltman Richard

Clark Henry Pocock, High st
Taylor David (and sub-distributor of stamps), High street

Woollett William, jun. Ropewalk

Bragge William, High st
Oliver Eliza, Landgate

Harvey Lester, Strand
Rubie William, Strand

Allen & Fowle, Strand
Chatterton Edwd. Strand
Easton John (and timber measurer), Strand
Pilcher Charles, Strand
Smith & Hicks, Strand
Vidler John, Strand

Clapshaw and Co. Rock channel
Clark Thomas, Winchelsea road
Hessell James, Strand
Hoad James, Hastings road

Bourn William, Strand
Bray William, Winchelsea
Chrismas Mary, Pump st
Curd James, Market st
Ellis Martha, Mint
Filmer Charles, Spring place
French George, Gun garden steps
Lancaster Thomas, Mermaid st
Laurence Stephen, Winchelsea
Rubie Sarah, Watchbell st
Sargent Stephen, Mermaid st
Smith John, Seymour place
Toms, Sarah, Winchelsea
Tutt William, Market st
Whiteman George, Ropewalk
Whiteman William, Winchelsea

Clark Hy. P. (and toy dealer) High st
Lightfoor Jno. (& bookbinder) Lion st
Taylor David, High st

Bailey Sarah, Winchelsea
Cuff Jane, Landgate
Hearsfield Harriet, Market st
Hull Mary, Market st
Oliver Elizabeth, Winchelsea
Padgham Winifred, Mint
Pitcher Ann Eleanor, Landgate
Pulford Jane, Mermaid st
Stonham Sophia, High st
Wellsted Jane, Watchbell st

Adamson John, Middle st
Banks Edward Stadin, High st
Beaumont John, Winchelsea
Knights George, High st
Ramsden Wm. (consulting) East st

Marked thus * are also Woollen Drapers.
*Barham Henry, Winchelsea
*Hunter James Edwin, East st
*Jenner Alfred, High st
Landridge William, Landgate
M’Diarmid William, High st
*Newbery James (and hatter) High st
Shearer Thomas, Red Lion st
Sinclair Alexander, Pump st
Thomas Charles, Middle st
*Thomas Chas. jun. (& hatter) High st

Ellenden James, High st
Fryman & Watts, Market st
Smith, Hicks & Co. High st

Ayerst Thomas (and slate), Strand
Pilcher Charles, Strand
Vidler John, Strand

Bray William, Winchelsea
Neve William, Landgate

Allen Thomas, Ropewalk
Lewns Charles Frederick, High st
Ticehurst Henry (and working jeweller), High st

Barden George, Winchelsea
Elliott Stephen, Landgate
Southerden Daniel, Tower st

Bourn Henry (spirit), High st
Hannah Joseph, WInchelsea

Apps William, tobacco-pipe maker and parish clerk, Landgate
BATHS, Fish market – Mr. and Mrs. Brooman, attendants
Blake James, cooper & cork cutter, High st
Boxall Benjamin, brush maker, Strand
Brazier Henry, woolstapler, Landgate
Chester Richard, tax collector, Mint
Duberly James, hat manufacturer, Mint
EXCISE OFFICE, Cinque Port Arms, Ropewalk – William Bex, officer
GAOL, Gun garden – William Marley, keeper
GAS WORKS, Wish st – William Barnes, superintendent
Green William Samuel, dyer, Landgate
Hall Jeremiah, relieving officer, Seymour pl
Hoad Henry, hay & straw dealer, King st
Kennett John, cattle salesman, Ropewalk
Kidd Richard, professor of music, High st
Kimpton William, basket maker, East st
Poynton Thomas, furniture broker, Mint
Pulford Chas. marine store dealer, Landgate
Putland Samuel, wine agent, Church st
Sheather John, iron and brass founder and millwright, Wish st
Smith Charles, statuary & mason, Tower st
Southerden Daniel, coach maker & painter, Tower st
Stocks Henry, harbour master, Trader lane
Thomas Charles, jun. organist, High st
Waters John, gun maker & dealer in game, High st
WORKHOUSE, Gun garden – Wm. Thorpe, governor; Celia Wheeler, matron

Collector – William Watson, Esq.
Comptroller – Joseph Baldwin, Esq.
Collector’s Clerk – Mr. C. O. Watson.
Landing Waiter – Mr. Burn.
Tide Surveyor – Mr. Heard.

Calling at the George, High street
To LONDON, a Coach, every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight; goes thro’ Hawkhurst, Tonbridge & Seven Oaks.
To HASTINGS, a Coach (from Dover), every afternoon at three during summer.
To MARGATE, a Coach (from Hastings), every morning at ten during the summer; goes through Romney, Hythe, Folkestone, Dover, Deal, Sandwich, &c.

For Passengers and Goods.
TO APPLEDORE, a Van (from Hastings) calls at the Cinque Port Arms, every forenoon (Sunday excepted) at eleven.
To ASHFORD and TENTERDEN, a Van (from Hastings) calls at the George, every morning (Sunday excepted) at ten.
To HASTINGS, a Van (from Appledore) calls at the Cinque Port Arms, every afternoon at three – and Kadwell’s Van, from Landgate, every evening at 6.

To LONDON, Samuel Richardson, from the Red Lion, every Wednesday and Saturday – James Wright, from Ropewalk, every Monday – and – Ransom, from the George, every Saturday.
To APPLEDORE, Edward Ralph, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To BATTLE, Thomas Hoad, every Monday – and William Palmer, every Thurs.
To BECKLEY, - Fairhall, every Wednesday, and Saturday.
To BREDE, A. Milham, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To BROCKLAND, - Wright, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To EWHURST, Samuel Richardson, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To GUESTLING, - Catt, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To HASTINGS, - Clark, every Monday. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday – and Thomas Hoad, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
To LYDD, - Jones and Thomas Wood, every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.
To MAIDSTONE & CRANBROOKE, Mary Piper, every Tuesday and Friday.
To NEWENDEN, R. Barnes, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
To NORTHIAM, Mary Piper, daily.
To PEASMARSH, E. Banister, daily.
To PETT, - Hills, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
To ROBERTSBRIDGE, W. Funnell, every Wednesday.
To ROMNEY, - Catt, every Wednesday & Saturday.
To SEDDLESCOMB, - Watson, every Saturday.
TO STONE, - Nye, every Wednesday & Saturday.
TO TENTERDEN, Haselden & Miles, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To TONBRIDGE WELLS, Mary Piper, every Friday.
TO UDIMORE, W. Freeman,, daily (Sunday excepted).
TO WAREHORNE, Fagg & Austen, daily.
To WITTERSHAM, - Prebble, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.
To WOODCHURCH, John Hughes, every Tuesday and Friday.

To LONDON, John Vidler’s Hoys, once a week, to Griffin’s wharf, Tooley st.
To BOULOGNE, the Edinburgh Castle steamer, every Wednesday & Saturday – and the Fox, once a week.
To HYTHE, Barges, by the Royal Military Canal, frequently.
TO NEWENDEN, Barges, by the river Rother, frequently.
To ROTTERDAM, Smith and Hicks’ Vessels, every month.



Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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