Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ Arundel

Is a market town and borough, both corporate and parliamentary, in the parish, hundred and rape of its name; 56 miles S. S. W. from London, 11 east from Chichester, and 4 from the sea; pleasantly situated on a rising ground, and divided into two parts by the river Arun, over which is a neat stone bridge of three arches. The houses are in general neatly built, and many of them are modern and of handsome appearance; the streets are well paved and lighted with gas, and the inhabitants plentifully supplied with excellent water. The environs afford many pleasant walks and rides, and the higher grounds in the vicinity extensive prospects. The trade of Arundel is principally in timber, coal and corn; and the port affords a facility of intercourse between London and the Mediterranean. Ships drawing sixteen feet water can enter the port here by the sea, and a canal connecting the Arun with the Thames affords a medium of conveyance to every part of the kingdom.

A handsome corn exchange was erected some few years since, which has proved a great convenience, as previously there was no kind of market place. Arundel was incorporated by a charter from Elizabeth, which remained in force until the passing of the municipal reform act, under the provisions of which the corporation consists of a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors, styled ‘the mayor and burgesses of the borough of Arundel’: the mayor exercises exclusive magisterial jurisdiction within the borough, and presides at a court for the recovery of depts under 40s., held every three weeks; and a meeting of magistrates is held every alternate Tuesday. This borough uninterruptedly returned two burgesses to parliament until the passing of the reform bill, by which enactment it was deprived of one member: the major is the returning officer, and the present representative is Lord Fitzalan, the grandson of the Duke of Norfolk. The latter nobleman, who is lord of the manor, has lately erected an elegant and commodious town hall, at an expense exceeding £7,000. But the boast of this town, and a great attraction to visiters, is Arundel Castle, the splendid seat of the same distinguished nobleman. This castle, which existed in the time of Alfred, was rebuilt by Roger Montgomery soon after the conquest; between this time and the civil wars of Charles I, it was the scene of many interesting events; in the troubles of the latter reign it suffered from dilapidation, and some parts mouldered into ruin; but it was restored by the late Duke of Norfolk, and is now one of the most superb and imposing baronial mansions in the kingdom; it confers on it possessor the title of earl (without creation), and is the only place, with the exception of the castle of Abergavenny, which enjoys this high distinction. The majestic appearance of this castle, which presents itself to view on the entrance of the town from the coast – its extensive and beautiful park, with the windings of the river and delightful adjacent scenery – combines in forming a prospect unequalled besides in the whole county. Arundel is a polling station at the election of members to represent West Sussex.

The church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, and formerly collegiate, is a very ancient and spacious cruciform structure, chiefly in the later style of English architecture, with a low tower rising from the centre; it contains aome ancient monuments, a stone pulpit, an some screen work very finely executed. The living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Duke; the Rev. H. J. Parsons is the present incumbent. The independents have an elegant chapel here; and there is a large school conducted on the national plan. The market, held on Tuesday, is chiefly for corn; and on every alternate Tuesday is a numerously attended cattle market. Fairs, May 14th, September 25th and December 17th, chiefly for cattle and pedlery. The borough and parish of Arundel contained, in 1831, 2,803 persons.

POST OFFICE, Tarrant street, Charles Weller, Post Master. – Letters from LONDON arrive (by mail cart from Petworth) every morning at a quarter before eight, and are despatched (per same route) every evening at a quarter before seven. – Letters from BRIGHTON, LEWES and WORTHING arrive every day at twelve, and are despatched every afternoon at half past two. – Letters from PORTSMOUTH, CHICHESTER and the West of England arrive every afternoon at half-past two, and are despatched every day at a quarter past twelve. – A Penny Post, to LITTLE HAMPTON, every morning at half-past eight, and noon at a quarter past twelve.

Atherley Arthur, esq. Tower house
Blanch Mrs. James, Maltravers st
Blanch Mrs. John, Maltravers st
Boniface Miss Elizbth, Maltravers st
Combe George Augustus, esq. Maltravers st
Corney Mr. John, Park farm
Dobbin Rev. Orlando Thomas, Maltravers st
Drewitt John, esq. Peppering
Elliott Mrs. Mary, Maltravers st
Foley Lady Lucy, Maltravers st
Hodson Mr. William, Maltravers st
Holmes Captain Henry, High st
Newburgh the Right Hon, Ann Countess of, Newburgh house
Norfolk His Grace the Duke of, Arundel castle
Parsons Rev. Henry J. Vicarage
Phillips Mrs. Ann, Maltravers st
Pocock Rev. George, Maltravers st
Puttick Mrs. -, Maltravers st
Ross Rev. George, High st
Salter Mrs. Martha, Maltravers st
Shaft Mrs. Sarah, Maltravers st
Shousmith Mrs. Jane, Maltravers st
Smith John, esq. Dale park
Smith Martin, esq. Maidhurst lodge
Tierney Rev. Mark Aloysius, near the Church
Tompkins Mrs. Elizabeth, Maltravers st
Wakeford Mr. Robert, Maltravers st
Watkins Robert, esq. Tower house
Wilson John, esq. Leominster
Wimble, Mrs. Ann, Maltravers st
Wyatt William, esq. Michel grove

Barkshire Charles, Tarrant st
Boismason Mrs. & Miss (boarding), College house
Cooper Sophia, Maltravers st
Crowther Mary Ann, High st
Hammond Mary, Maltravers st
Hersee Ann, Maltravers st
Knapp Mary, High st
NATIONAL SCHOOL (boys and girls), George Biddle, master; Mrs. Biddle, mistress
Smith William (boarding), Tarrant st

Balchin George (and town clerk), Tarrant st
Dally Thomas Yarrall Johnson, Tarrant st
Duke William, High st
Holmes Wm. & Richd. (& clerks to the magistrates), Maltravers st
Salter Richard, Tarrant st

Lear James & Son, High st
Salter Henry, near the Bridge
White Edward, High st

Bentley James, Tarrant st
Burchell Moses, King st
Fowle Thomas, King st
Glossop George, Tarrant st
Jones James, Maltravers st
Lundy Mary Ann (and confectioner), High st
Pellet Michael, High st
Richardson Edward, High st
Salter Nathaniel, Maltravers st
Slaughter James, Maltravers st
Smith Alpheus, Tarrant st

Henty, Upperton & Oliver – (draw on Sir J. W. Lubbock, bart & Co.)
Hopkins & Drewitt, High st – (draw on Williams & Co. London)
SAVINGS’ BANK, at the National School (open every Monday from 12 till 1) – George Biddle, actuary

Bone John, Tarrant st
Daws Charles, High st
Parker John, Park place
Parker William, Tarrant st
Pesketh Zebedee, Queen st
Stone Stephen, Tarrant st

Mason Fredk. (and printer), High st
Mitchell Thomas (and library, news vender, stamp distributer, and fancy repository), Tarrant st

Bone George, Tarrant st
Cook Charles John, High st
Farncomb John, High st
Farrall James, Maltravers st
Hale Charles, Tarrant st
Hopkins James, Maltravers st
Manvell Edward, Tarrant st
Shepherd Charles, High st
Simmons Samuel, Tarrant st
Stubbs Richard, Maltravers st

Constable George, Queen st
Osborn & Duke, Tarrant st

Dalton Thomas, Maltravers st
Elliott Edward, Park place
Elliott William, King st
Farrall Thomas, Maltravers st
Hartwell John, Park place

Daws William, High st
Duke Thomas (pork), Maltravers st
Lasseter William, King st
Pannell Charles (pork), Maltravers st
Parker Charles, High st
Piper George, High st
Teesdale Henry Adolphus, Tarrant st
Turner George, High st
White Joseph (pork), Tarrant st

Lear James & Son, High st
Ward James, Tarrant st
White Edward (and paper hanger), High st

Downer Jno. Maltravers st
Henly Edward (and builder), Maltravers st
Henly John Peckham (and builder), Tarrant st
Shepherd William, Tarrant st
Sparkes Chas. (& broker), Tarrant st
Sturt James, King st

Bone Charles, High st
Hatcher Charles, Tarrant st

Gain John, High st
Knapp William, High st
Weller Charles, Tarrant st

Evershed Samuel & Co. Queen st
Fry Thomas, High st
Henly John Peckham, Tarrant st
Shaft George & William, Tarrant st
Smart William (& slate), River side

Burton Wiliam, Maltravers st
Richards John, Queen st

New Charles, Maltravers st
Pellett Michael, High st
Salter John, Maltravers st

ALLIANCE, Henry Salter, Tarrant st
ATLAS, James Lear, High st
GUARDIAN, Charles Crees, High st
GLOBE, Henry Lear, High st
NORWICH UNION, Wm. Allin, High st
ROYAL EXCHANGE, William Walker, Tarrant st
SUN, John Wilson, Maltravers st

Deas William (& seedsman), High st
Toogood Wm. (& seedsman), High st
Trim Joseph, High st

Allin Wm (& tallow chandlr.) High st
Baker George, Maltravers st
Bannister Harriet (tea), Tarrant st
Burchell Moses, King st
Monk George, High st
Sparks Wm. Hy. (& tallow chandler), High st
Weller Charles, Tarrant st

Bridge, Philip Sensier, Queen st
Crown, Thomas Cooper, High st
Norfolk Arms (and posting), John Flood, High st

Farrall Thomas, Maltravers st
Fry Thomas, High st
Penfold Charles, High st

Evershed Wm. (& tallow merchant & soap manufacturer), Arundel
Henly John Peckham, Tarrant st

Bone Jos. (and hatter), Tarrant st
Halliday John, High st
Marshall Thomas, Queen st

Fry Thomas, High st
Penfold Charles, High st
Stedman David, Tarrant st

Constable George, Queen st
New Charles, Maltravers st
Osborn & Duke, Tarrant st

New Charles, Maltravers st
Pellett Michael, High st

Dalton Henrietta, Maltravers st
Deadman Emma & Letitia, Tarrant st
Mitchener Catherine, High st
Ottley Louisa & Elizabeth, High st
Ravenscroft Mary, Tarrant st
Sandham C. & H. Maltravers st
Trimming Ann, High st

Farnden & Son (& manufacturers of the patent fountain pump), High st
Hale John, Tarrant st
Overington John, High st
Wright Charles, Tarrant st

Chase John, High st
Mitchell Thomas, Tarrant st
Ravenscroft Joseph, Tarrant st

Burfield Robert, Tarrant st
Field James, High st

Anderson James, Tarrant st
Holland James, Tarrant st
Slaughter James, Tarrant st
Smith Alpheus, Tarrant st

Armstrong John, Queen st
Smart William (and statuary, slate merchant, dealer in fire bricks, tiles, &c., and proprietor f a quarry of Pulborough stone), Riverside

Byas Richard, Maltravers st
Duke Robert Blake, Maltravers st
Fletcher & Wardroper, Maltravers st
Grant George, Maltravers st
Hills George, Maltravers st
Lear Henry (and timber), High st
Salter Henry (& timber), Tarrant st
Teasdale Jas. (of buildings), High st

Crees Charles (and woollen draper and hatter), High st
Knight George, Tarrant st
Mitchell & Co. (& hatters), Tarrant st
Seller James William (and woollen draper and hatter), High st
Till William, Tarrant st

Black Rabbit, James Olliver, Offham
General Abercrombie, Jno. Boxhall, Queen st
Kings’s Arms, Caroline Hersee, Tarrant st
Newburgh Arms, Thos. Cosens, Tarrant st
Old Ship, John Searle, King st
Red Lion, Mary Morley, High st
St. Mary’s Gate, George Hunt, London rd
Swan, James Milton, High st
Wheat Sheaf (unoccupied)
White Hard, Richard Parish, Queen st

Evershed Samuel & Co. Queen st
Fry Thomas, High st
Henly John, jun. Maltravers st
Henly John Peckham, Tarrant st

Lasseter John, High st
Walder Thomas, High st
Constable George, Queen st
Hopkins James, High st
Shaft George & William, Tarrant st

Bartholomew Andews, merchant, Maltravers st
Broadbridge & Armstrong, cement manufacturers, Arundel
Broadbridge John, carman, Arundel
Calkin William, music seller & teacher, Maltravers st
Cooper William, overseer and collector of taxes. Maltravers st
Corney John, bailiff to the Duke of Norfolk, Park farm
Deadman Thomas, plasterer, High st
Fry Frederick, cutler, High st
GAS WORKS, Tarrant st – Thomas Mitchell, clerk & collector
Gilbert Henry, fellmonger & glover, Mill lane
Kimpton John, basket maker, Tarrant st
Knowles John, wheelwright, Tarrant st
Peacock Jno. boat & barge builder, Arundel
Sharp Richard, gunsmith, Queen st
STAMP OFFICE, Tarrant street – Thomas Mitchell, distributer
Tremain James, hat maker, High st
Watkins Robert, agent to the Duke of Norfolk, Tower house
Weller, Henry, clog maker, Tarrant st
White William, coach builder, High st
Wood John, veterinary surgeon, Park place
WORKHOUSE, Parl place – Thomas Newman, master; Ann Newman, mistress

Collector – John Wilson.
Comptroller – John Bennell.
Clerk & Landing Waiter – Chas. Rudwick.
Tide Surveyor – J. Wansell.
Agent – Thomas Crees, High st.

To LONDON, the Comet, (from Bognor) calls at the Norfolk Arms, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half-past ten’ goes through Pulborough, Ockley, Dorking, Leatherhead and Epsom – and during the summer, additional Coaches, from the Crown and other Inns.
To BATH & BRISTOL, the Royal Mail (from Brighton) calls at the Norfolk Arms, every day at twelve.
To BOGNOR & LITTLE HAMPTON, the Comet, (from London) calls at the Norfolk Arms, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at four.
To BRIGHTON, the Royal Mail (from Southampton) calls at the Norfolk Arms, every afternoon at a quarter past two – and the Defiance (from Portsmouth), every afternoon at one.
To SOUTHAMPTON and PORTSMOUTH, the Defiance, (from Brighton) calls at the Norfolk Arms, every afternoon at two.

To LONDON, Robinson & Caplin’s Van, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – Thomas Brooks, every Tuesday and Friday – and – Keywood, every Monday and Thursday.

To LONDON, James Keywood, every Monday and Thursday.
To BRIGHTON, – Smith and – Male, daily.
To CHICHESTER, White & Duke, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To LITTLE HAMPTON, – Sansier & – Keywood, daily.
To PORTSMOUTH, – Smith and – Male, daily.

To LONDON, Seward & Co.’s Barges, every Wednesday and Saturday; go through Chichester, Petworth, Midhurst, &c. – Themas Bonamy, agent.


Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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