Vicars of St Mary Magdalene Church, Tortington, West Sussex

Transcribed from a list on two boards on the west end of the south wall inside the church (photograph below):


1402William Wylli.
Robert Mere.
1405Alexander Cokook.
1407Robert Bartlot
1595William Gradell.
1611William Bennett. M. A.
1614Adam Page. B. A.
1627Hugh Robinson. D. D.
1638John Phillips.
1640William Chaunter.
1668Samuel Bray.
Ralph Calvert.
1676Joseph Lisle.
1690John Albery. M. A.
Serenus Barrett.
1709Nicholas Lester. B. A.
1746William Baynes. B. A.
1754John Copley.
1767William Byass.
1794William Groome. L. L. B.
1809John Duncombe. M . A.
1809Patrick Ballinghall Beath.
1812Thomas Brooke Morris. M. A.
John Carr. Senr. Langbaine.
Gregory Sharp.
1817Charles Bethel Otley. B. A.
1832John Delefeld. M. A.
1854Richard Francis Tompkins. B. A.


1897Walter Crick M. A.
1900R. J. Burdon.
1905E. S. Saleebey.
1910Fredk. W. Booty.
1917Charles J. Winn.
1938C. H. Vincent Brown.
1949H. A. King.
1959E. H. Grimston.
1965R. M. S. Eyre.
1973Percy Kingston
1976Michael Howard Weaver
1978Parish of Arundel with Tortington Created
1997Keith David Richards

Vicars of St Mary Magdalene, Tortington, West Sussex - Courtesy Roughwood


Transcribed by Mark Collins

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