Incumbents of the Church of St John the Baptist, Westfield

Transcribed from a list on a wooden board in the church (photograph below):


1250William De Hamptenete1612Thomas Gurrey (Resigned)1836Thomas Baker (Resigned)
1412William Brockden1612THomas Mavdisley B. A.1836Mark Henry Vernon
1416Peter Dyere1630John Scull1881Henry Robinson M. A.
1481Robert Parke1632Anthony Farrindon1889George Jackson B. A.
1527Thomas Bell (Resigned)1641Edward Lightborne1903Walter Alfred Firth M. A.
1527Robert Morysby (or Moryshe)1651- - Whitby1915Ernest James Morgan B. A.
1541Hugh Brecknock1655Roland Prigg
1928Rollestone S. Fyffe D. D.
1544John Cetyto1931Henry Roger White
  (Canon and Prebend of Gites 1930)
1546John Bercher1660Roland Prigg
  (Continued as Vicar)
1548Miles Ryley1946Norman James Kelly
1558Thomas Stapper1687-8Joseph Withers1951Reginald Arthur Leonard
1562-3Richard Briddock1725Richard Nairn M. A.1962Richard Michael Finch M. A.
1571-2John Faringdon1740Luke Trevigar M. A.1979Edwin Wilkinson
1573Richard Hunte1743George Widdowson B. A.1987Evan France M. A.
1576-7Robert Coxson1743Francis Brown Wright M. A.
  (Rector of Sedlescomb. 1730-40)
1578John Motlaie  
1583John Hopton1746James Ingram M. A.
  (Rector of Sedlescomb. 1746-56)
1583Maurice Sackville  
1588-9Henry Mawdisley1756William HIcks Coppard M. A.  
1590Thomas Bickley1808Robert Hughes B. A.  
1591-2William Mawdisley1828Thomas Birch L. L. D.
  (Dean of Battle 1801-36)
1597William Bond  

This building dates from the 11th Century - Considerable additions were made in the reign of King Charles I and in 1861

List of Incumbents in St John the Baptist Church, Westfield, East Sussex


Transcribed by Mark Collins

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