Vicars of Preston, St Peter, East Sussex

Transcribed from a framed list in the Church (photo below).

Vicars of Preston
1327Thomas 1749John King
1357Thomas Gregory 1754William Hapley
1389Richard Thurston 1789Joseph F Fearon
1478William Gadbarne 1790James S Clark
1513William Atkins 1834Walter Kelly
1523John Segar 1879Allen D Freeman
1531John Hadson 1896Edward Riley
1545William Scott 6th August 1905Gerald H Moor M.A.
1549George Kilner 30th September 1916A Garry Coperman M.A.
1570Samuel Norden 4th October 1926H F Campbell M.A.
1582John Hudson 16th October 1930C R Farnsworth M.A.
1584John Merist 2nd May 1936H F Tomkinson M.A.
1593Laurence Alcock 16th October 1942R M Raper A.K.C. F.C.S. F.Ph.S
1619Humphrey Streete
Richard Turner
 13th December 1965Selwyn Gummer B.A.
1662Edmund Cole 29th March 1971Dennis G Newman M.Th. PhD
1686Thomas Bowers 21st May 1875Desmond Lockyer A.K.C
1693George Orton   

Vicars of St Peter, Preston - Courtesy Roughwood


Transcribed by Mark Collins

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