Notes from the Jevington registers, East Sussex

The following interesting notes have been extracted from the registers:

"Jan 8th 1734/5 There was a violent Storm Here about Noon, which blew both my Barns down, as it were, in an Instant. It is reckon'd to have done more Mischief in England, yn the Great Storm, November 26th 1703".

"Septr. 19th 1797 John (Son of Wm & Mary) Henty privately Baptized aged about one Month when a Brick fell down the Chimney on his Head while in his Mother's arms".

"27th July 1874 James Thomas Pierce to Charlotte Elizabeth Wickerson - 'The female in this marriage was without arms. The ring was put (and held there by the man) on the 4th toe of the left foot. Her signature was easily and quickly written with her right foot'".  (shown below)

And this note, left in the parish chest by Rev. Simon Manningham's Warning for his successor Lewis Bagot:

"August 1754, Look out sharp O my Successor, for your Parishioners will cheat you where ever they can. Neither provoke 'em to be Angry nor invite 'em to be Intimate. My Successore if he will not suffer himself to be cheated as I poor I have done, will make of this living above an hundred and fifty Poundss year. S Manningham".



Transcribed by Rosalind Hodge

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