Sussex OPC Page for East Dean, East Sussex - Register Extracts

The OPC for East Dean has transcribed the following interesting extracts from the parish registers:

1. Two sisters

1 Feb PAINE Agnes dau. of Edward, bur
1 Feb PAINE Johan dau of Edward, bur

In ye death of these 2 sisters last mentioned is one thinge worthy recording and diligently to be noted. The elder sister called Agnes being very sicke unto ye death. Speechles and as was thought past hope of speakinge, after she had lyen xxiiii houre without speakinge, at last uppen and suddayne cryed out to her sister to make herself ready to come with her; her sister Johan being abroad about other business was called for who being come to her sick sister demandinge how she did she very loude and earnestly had her sister make her ready. She stayed for her and could not go without her; within halfe and houre Johan was taken very sicke wh increasinge all the night uppon her her other sister still callinge her to come away; in the morninge they both departed this wretched world together.

O, the unsearchable wisdom of God, how deepe are his judgements and his ways past fyndynge out. Testified by diverse ould and honest psons yet livinge, wh I myself have herd their father whilst he was still alive report.

Arthur Pollard Vic

Henry Hopwood H John Pupp P

2. Friston Pond

Friston Pond was scoured and three stones in the bottom discovered in Sept. 1615

Friston Pond was scoured and clean without water in Sept. 1634

Friston Pond was scoured and clean without water 15 August 1646

3. Exceat Bridge

In the year 1656 Exset brege was bilt with stone. (Exceat Bridge over the Cuckmere River)

4. William Fletcher's chair

1710 - This is to certifie that the Seat in which William Fletcher sits and which he has lately repaired for himself in East Dean Church is allowed to be his proper seat and no other to have claym to any part of it.

Allowed and certified by the Minister Churchwardens and other the Inhabitants of the said Parish, and inserted into the Register at the request of the said Willm. Fletcher, April 10, 1710.

Witness our hands Jonath Darby, Vicar
The mark of Henry Dudely
The mark of Simon Easton
The mark of John Dippery , Churchwardens
John Fletchir
Henry Duly Jun., Overseers.

5. Drowned sailors

1809 December - Memo : On the 12th and 20th days of December 1809 were interred in the Parish Church Yard of Eastdean the bodies of two seaman being part of the Crews of the Harlequin and six vessels under her convoy which were lost of Seaford in the night of the 10th of December and 32 men drowned. Also on the 13th and 20th December were interred in the Parish Church Yard of Friston, the bodies of two seamen being also part of the same Crews.


Transcribed by Christine Ellis

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