Chiddingly Brass Band

Chiddingly had itís own Brass Band. They were definitely playing in the early 1900s although it is possible they started around the late 1800s.

In the 1930s the Bandmaster was a chap called Jim Coleman. He played the Big Drum and was born around 1880/1890. He had a market garden along The Dicker.  The Garden Centre Wyvale marks the spot nowadays.

Here is an early view of the band.

The band was called upon to play at Remembrance Services and Parades to mark all sorts of occasions. There was one such event when the band marched through the village and then had a collection for the hospital. It was known as Hospital Sunday.

They didnít just restrict themselves to Chiddingly; they were often seen in other villages marking such events as Fireworks processions.

Here is a picture of the band playing in a procession at nearby Balcome to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of George & Mary in 1935.

The back of the photograph carries the following information: "Jim Coleman (Big Drum), Cyril Hall (tenor horn), George Kennard (cornet), Jack Funnell (cornet), Bill Coleman (cornet), Raymond Crossingham (cornet, not in uniform), Front: Harry Bryant (bass), Bill Milham (Euphonium), Bill Pilbeam (bass), Edward Woodgate (tenor), Cyril Hall (Tenor), Bert Matthews (tenor), Tom Vine (cornet), Bill Woodgate (tenor), Bill Funnell (cornet),  The lady in front left is Annie Rose nee Vine.

There was also the annual Band Competition in Tunbridge wells, which always ended with a concert in the evening.

At Christmas they would be invited to play at some of the houses in the village.



Contributed by Carol Harrison

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