Roll of Honour, Netherfield, East Sussex

Transcribed from the Roll of Honour hanging in the church:

European Wars

1914 - 1918    ~    1939 - 1945

Roll of Honour
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

1912 - 1918

Brown, J. pvte: A S CCarter, F. Royal Household Battaln
Carter, W.S. pvte: K.O.Y.L. J.Fuller, T.J. pvte 6th Battln. R F A
Fuller, W. rfln 2nd Battln R. B.Goodsell, C T. Spr ? Kent Fortress RE
Holland, F. C Sgt; R. Sussex.Holland, C H pvte; 2nd Wilts Regt
Holland, G. pvte; 12th R Sussex.Gooday, G H   II, R. Sussex.
Holland, A. pvte; 9th R. Sussex.Partington, J.B. Capt. Droon Rgt,
Saunders, N. pvte; 9th H.T.J.Srotton, D. pvte. 2nd Bucaland D.Z.
Saunders, A. pvte; R.E.Smissen, G. pvte 7th R Sussex

Whiteman, J. I. Corp. 2nd R. Sussex

1939 - 1945

Ades, J pte: Durham C.J.Crouch, W. C. Cp: R. Sussex.
Fletcher, T. pte: R Sussex.Fuller, T pte. R. Sussex.
Pennells, J. pte : R. Scots. F.Smith, D. pte. Toronto Scottish

Grant them, Lord, Eternal Rest, and let light perpetual shine upon them

Roll of Honour hanging on the wall of Netherfield Church

Note : I am not an expert on ranks or army regiments, so it is likely I have misinterpreted some of the rather flowery script. Please help clarify if you are knowledgeable in this area and you spot a mistake.


Transcribed by Mark Collins

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