Girls from Netherfield School, East Sussex c.1950

This photograph and other information here is shared here by kind permission of Rita Mepham.

This picture was taken sometime between 1948 and 1951 in front of the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea.  The girls were taking part in a folk dancing competition.  They made the costumes themselves.

Girls from Netherfield School c. 1950

From left to right:
Sylvia French (Netherfield Village), June Rose, Marigold Chatfield (both from Shooting Box), Rita Blackshow (now Mepham), Iris Chatfield (Marigold's sister), Jill Hathaway (from Beach Cottages, Netherfield Place), Edna Venness (from Penhurst) and Marion Mills (Netherfield Village).

Rita provides the following memories of Netherfield School:
The two teachers at the school when Rita started attending were Miss Bingham from Hurst Green and Mrs French from Mountfield who taught the infants.  When the new houses were built for the Gypsum mines at Mountfield, the school was rather overwhelmed with children and another teacher, Mr Bailey, was brought in to help.

Rita moved to Netherfield with her parents from Hurst Green in 1948, attending the school from 1948 until 1951/2.  She lived with her family at White Cottage, Netherfield Place until her marriage at Netherfield church in 1956.


Transcribed by Rita Mepham

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